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Circumstances that Make Teenagers Say “Track My Cell phone”

Inevitable circumstance brought about by social media activities resulted to traumatic experiences of teenagers—make them say “track my cell phone”. I was about to purchase an app tracker called Highster Mobile since it is very iPhone friendly wherein jail breaking isn’t necessary.

True when others say “you’ll never truly understand a situation until it happens to you.” My teen doesn’t agree that her phone be monitored, although I have all the right since she is still under my supervision. I know for a fact how much kids her age enjoy perks of social platforms or cellular activities in general.Instinct tells me otherwise but as mother who doesn’t want to complicate things, I trusted that she utilize her mobile appropriately.


Recently, my daughter, Mia and her friends got into a commotion on Facebook; it started from a photo comment uploaded by my 15-year old on Instagram. It was an image of her group trying to imitate a certain girl band. It was “all for fun’ sake”, she redundantly explained during our confrontation, but a classmate tactlessly commented “#annoying” followed by “#bunchoffeelers”. It became a laughing matter at school the following day.A number of schoolmates have it screen shotand used it as memes (defined by netforbeginners.about.comas captioned photos that are intended to be funny, often as a way to publicly ridicule human behavior); of which in less than 2 hours went viral on Facebook. It is so remarkable how technology nowadays have taken its toll on the rapid info dissemination. Phones and internet connection combined is just too supreme for words.

As a parent, I see it as a typical childish exchange of reactionsonly that it had reached a publicly engaged online platform wherein too many audiences with so much unsolicited opinions exist; even total strangers shared, liked and commented. It was a total humiliation and an obvious case of cyberbullying. I knew I should have trusted my instinct on purchasing app that spy cell phone. I could have avoided such ridiculousness from transpiring. Knowing that it can access posts on all social media accounts.

Fortunately, school authorities were prompt on calling the attention of bullies. Hearing how those perpetrators reason out, made me realize this case as a growing epidemic. It could happen to anyone even older than my daughter. It is saddening how this particular social platform is subject to so many temptations. My daughter has been very aware of every possibilities using Facebook that in the heart of our conversation, she approved of using the app.

What else can spy apps do?

Apart from access to social media sites, text messages, calls, browser history, emails and photos/videos,spy apps could also track a phone location through Global Positioning System (GPS. Be careful though because this GPS can reversely track your every move without you noticing.

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