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Common Myths about Cellphone Tracking

spy on cell phone

Spying on mobile phones seems like fantasy that’s only seen in fictional spy movies. However, these impossible tactics are now possible. As technology is advancing, people are taking the necessary steps to create digital surveillance. There are many applications available now that allow you to track cellphones and monitor its activities. If you are not sure how these cell phone monitoring and tracking applications work, here are some common myths debunked that will turn you into a believer.

Myth #1: Putting Phone in Airplane Mode Prevents You from Being Spied On

If you are running from the law, all the necessary steps are being taken to find you. However, if you haven’t escaped prison or are not running away from the police, the legal authorities really have no reason to track or spy on you. The airplane mode turns off your phone’s cellular service and Wi-Fi, so essentially it enters a “do not disturb” zone. However, it does not stop anyone from tracking your phone because the GPS tracker works via satellite.

Your phone has two separate operating systems. The first system is a direct interface between the phone and the consumer, while the other is the direct link between the phone and cellular network. The airplane mode turns off the latter system, but the former remains active, which means you can still be tracked.

On the other hand, if you were to turn off your phone altogether, you have effectively cut off signals. With no signals transmitting from your phone, you cannot be tracked. Taking out the battery is even more effective because some phones contain malware that show the phone’s turning off but in reality it’s just a spoof.

Myth #2: You Can’t Hack into Other People’s Computer

The technology that exists now allows you to monitor any computer or cellular device from anywhere in the world, as long as you have internet access. However, you can only monitor, not control other devices. Whatever purpose you need to hack or spy on another device is entirely your choice, but the bottom-line is that the technology surely exists.

Myth #3: You Can’t Install Tracking Software on Phones That You Don’t Own

This is the number one concern of people who want to track or monitor another phone. They feel that just because the device isn’t in their possession, they cannot install spyware on it. As long as the device is open (which means it’s not locked by the service provider) you can install the spyware without having access to it. If the phone is not jail-broken, you only need the phone for a couple of minutes, although you have to keep in mind that it’s your responsibility to comply with the federal laws and the software is to be used at your discretion only.

Myth #4: You Need To Be a Computer Programmer to Use Cellphone Tracking and Spyware

If you know how to send an email, you know how to use spyware, that’s how easy it is! Spyware is like just any other application that allows you to monitor the target phone and track its location. All companies that provide monitoring software have a dedicated staff that helps customers with the software.

The Features of an Actual Cellphone Tracker and Spy

So, now that we have debunked a few myths, here are a few features that you can expect from spyware.

  • Text Messages: A good spyware can log all text messages that are sent and received, even the ones that get deleted
  • GPS Location: You can know exactly where the owner of the target phone is just by logging on to the application
  • iMessages: Apple devices are hard to crack, but some spywares can log all the activities of an iPhone or an iPad
  • Call Logs: The target phone can never fool you by merely deleting call logs, because spyware captures every detail
  • Browser History: You can even monitor what the person is browsing on their phone to make sure inappropriate websites are not being visited