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The Company Car: Why You Should Make Sure Your Employees Don’t Text and Drive

If you run a business and have given smartphones to your employees like many managers and owners do today, you should definitely install a mobile monitoring app on those devices first. And if you’ve loaned company cars out as well, then installing the spy app on their devices is even more important so you can make sure you’re employees don’t do anything dangerous like text and drive!

Look around you. Everyone is on their smartphone all of the time—texting, talking, swiping, snapping, chatting. No one is paying attention to the world around them. The same thing goes for those behind the wheel. At any given moment, you can spot someone on their phone, doing something other than driving. Their eyes are barely on the road! It’s maddening. And if it’s not maddening to you, then you should be concerned at least—especially if you’ve given a company car out to employees. But what if you could learn how to see the text messages on another phone? I know I always want to know what’s so important! Well, cell phone spy software programs like SurePoint Spy allow you to see text messages from another phone without them even needing to know!

Distracted driving is one of the major reasons for car accidents in the world today—with using a cell phone while driving being the number one reason for distractions. Maybe you’re one of the few people out there who do not text and drive, so you think you have no worries. But if you’re the boss of someone who you’ve entrusted a smartphone and/or company car to, then you should be every bit as concerned as me.

If your employee causes an accident because they were too busy messing with their iPhone, then you could be in trouble. Sure, your company insurance premiums will go up—and who wants that—but you could be in a lot more hot water if that accident results in death.

And let’s say that the accident didn’t arm anyone. That your worker was fine. Your company car is still damaged. That needs to get repaired. And your insurance will go up. Why would you want to go and throw your hard-earned dollars out the window? Chances are, your employee will still carry on with texting and driving the next time around and guess what? You’ll be in the same situation as the first time.

The truth is, that if you own or run a business and hand out smartphones to employees so that they can do their job, then you should install a mobile spy app on those devices right away.

A good mobile spy app will give you complete access to the targeted phone’s dashboard so that you can see when an employee is on their phone and what they are doing—all in real time. This is an important tool for cracking down on cell phone abusers who think they are above making a mistake. If you catch an employee taking risks with your phone and your device, you can confront them about the misuse and put a stop to their behavior.

Good cell phone tracker apps lets you start seeing someone’s text messages, emails, calls and pictures that each user is involved with. They also allow you to activate the phone’s camera and microphone so that you can survey the real surroundings of the individual. If there’s something you see that doesn’t make you happy, you have the power to do something about it. And isn’t that what being the boss is all about?

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