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Company Issued Cell Phones: Business or Pleasure?

Stop use of company issue mobile phones for personal business

Employees have tendencies of using their employer’s phones, to drive their personal endeavors. After all, they know that they will not be caught after erasing the record. They will call their friends when at work and gossip for hours and after that, they remove the evidence. Some chat often using the business cell phones. According to Forbes.com, 74 percent of companies allow some sort of “bring your own device,” which could cause issues for companies as well. Such extravagant usage of the work cell phones, end up increasing the phone bills. Over time, they may put the business into serious financial problems. “Mobile devices have blurred the line between work and life,” as stated by Bloomberg Business. Fortunately, you can trail your workers phone usage and save the organization some money.

How to curb use of company phones

If all the employers used a company cell phone for their own use, you agree that by the end of the month, you will have a hefty phone bill to deal with. Misuse of office phones, is not a problem in just your company, but it is something that has plagued most organizations. That is why; they are turning to cell phone monitoring software. Nevertheless, not every app out there, can guarantee you results. Auto Forward has prevailed as one of the best tracking applications for employers. Does Auto Forward work? It is yet to disappoint. 

The software enables you to access all the calls made and text messages. It is also more advanced than any other app you will find in the market. It is capable of retrieving all instant messages, regardless of the application that was used. With Auto Forward mobile app, can know, which employees are escalating the phone bill of the business. You can either lock such features, which the software also allows, such that they do not use them. Alternatively, you can reprimand the workers. Furthermore, if they know that you are tracking them, they are less likely to use the cell phones for the wrong uses. In the end, this will increase their productivity and set the company for greater success.

How cost effective is Auto Forward?

Why use more, when you get lots of features in one reasonable price? Most apps designed for monitoring employers cell phones, come with monthly subscriptions. This can be expensive for the business. However, with Auto Forward software from www.auto-forward.com , you pay one payment and you get to enjoy a number of features. Just what is in the package? There are call logs, message logs, email viewing, web history and photos.

In addition, it is also compatible with a variety of devices. Hence, no matter what device you are using, it will work just fine.  Another striking feature of this app is the locking feature, which allows you to restrict access to certain applications in the phone. As an employer, is your duty to ensure that the organization’s resources are used efficiently. This you will not achieve by walking around and making sure, nobody diverts from the main business. The easiest and the most convenient way of protecting your resources, is by installing Autoforward in all phones issued by your company.

Do not let your employees gets you into huge phone bills. Simply install the Auto Forward and keep the phone usage expenses at a minimum. If you are yet to download this app, it is time you did, since it can be a real asset to your business.

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