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Contracting For Profit

Contract workers, or freelancers, are invaluable to small businesses. They fill vital positions without the overhead of a full-time employee. They don’t require health care benefits, for the most part. They can generally be reached beyond the nine to five time period, which is crucial for organizations that need to see business activity during off hours. And if you find the right contract worker that goes beyond the scope of the project, like offering additional analysis, submitting extra spreadsheets of insight into your project, or just checking in, you’ve struck gold. And there’s an excellent chance that the freelancer will be hired again.

Business News Daily reports that Jason Snagusky, founder and president of eKoffe.com says: “We predict an even broader shift towards contract employees and utilization of freelance personnel to fill expertise gaps, as well as roles traditionally performed by full-time employees, to help ease business costs and increase cash flow. Many small businesses will continue to employ the Hollywood model, whereby small, expert teams are assembled to meet the demands of a particular client or project, then disbanded after completion. The focus towards lean, efficient employment strategies are essential to promote top-line growth. This becomes paramount given the increasing costs of retaining full-time staff, and rising health care costs.”

This disbanding of a team after project completion reflects today’s rapid-fire approach to business. Companies can use a team for a six-week project and then immediately apply the brakes, and hire a new team for a different assignment. And contrary to popular belief, freelancers can be on site, too – not just a faceless worker on Skype.

If contractors are on site for a brief period of time, what does each project require, besides the talents of that qualified worker? What about hardware? Laptops, cell phones, printers – all have to be shared and then shared again with the next incoming team. That’s a lot of legwork. And if you allocate company-issued cell phones to multiple contractors, how can you have the peace of mind to know that each device is being handled in a professional manner in numerous hands?

Autoforward is a cell phone spy app that allows employers to keep track of all business activity that’s taking place on a company-issued mobile device. The organization can view all the important actions that the contract worker is involved in, including call logs, text messages, social media activity (so important these days, as a huge amount of marketing is done through social media channels), GPS location and much more. Autoforward has a simple three-step process of download, install and monitor and is truly cost-effective for any business with one flat rate and no monthly fees. Then, as the contractor revolving door spins around, and that cell phone is distributed to another face, any company can rest easy that there’s only business transacting at all times. And not monkey business. With cost reduction being on the forefront of every CEO’s mind, it makes perfect business sense that outsourcing work is the right decision. Freelancers are here to stay.

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