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Couple Vow Android Spy App

Couple Vow Android Spy App Exposes 1.7 Million Users!


With many spy applications out there, it can be hard to figure out which ones are legit and safe and which put their users at risk. You can now cross Couple Vow off of the list of good spy apps.

Couple Vow is an Android spy application for people who want to spy on their partner. It was recently uncovered that 1.7 million Couple Vow user accounts were fully exposed to hackers. Researches at the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology found this out and reported their findings at DEF CON.

What Happened?

So, how was the data of 1.7 million Couple Vow accounts exposed? Well, there was a vulnerability in the app’s programming that allowed any user to request a phone’s data. All they needed was a Wi-Fi connection, no username and password required. The data that could be collected included account passwords, texts, location, calls, and in some cases, nude photos. The researchers said the vulnerability was something that was easily fixable and could’ve been avoided.

To read more about what happened, read this Forbes article.

Better Ways To Spy On Your Spouse

If you want to spy on your partner, there are plenty of other legit ways to do so without using unknown and risky applications. Here are three proven and trusted ways for people to spy on their partner.

1. Use Surveillance Equipment

Sometimes good old-fashioned surveillance equipment is your best bet to keep an eye on your partner. You could use hidden cameras, voice recorders, GPS trackers, and whatever else your heart desires. To find top-notch surveillance equipment, visit DigitalSecurityWorld.com.

2. Conduct A Reverse Phone Search

When spying on your partner, you may come across unknown phone numbers or fake contact names. To find out who the number belongs to, you can do a reverse phone search. Then, you can see who it is whether it be your partner’s coworker or possibly their secret lover!

3. Utilize A Reputable Spy Application

Most spy apps you find on your phone, like Couple Vow, are not secure and make claims that they don’t live up to. However, just because these don’t work doesn’t mean there aren’t reliable spy applications out there. Here at Safeguarde, we’ve reviewed and tested multiple spy software programs to help consumers out. From our research, we have found that the best iPhone and Android spy application that customers love is PhoneSpector.  


So, if you’re ever considering spying on your partner, avoid risky apps like Couple Vow and only use reputable products.

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