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Different Ways To Do A Court Case Lookup Online

If you or someone you know has a court date coming up but you aren’t sure of the exact date, doing a court case look up can help you find out the details you are looking for. There are two main ways to look up court cases online. Which one is best depends on the type of information you are looking for and what you plan on doing with it.

Looking Up Court Cases Locally

Many court case calendars are available to the public online. There are many reasons you might want to find this out. Whether you know you have a court date coming up but are unsure when it is  Or you want to know when the court date is of someone who has committed a crime against you. Or if you are suspicious about someone close to you and need to know if they have any pending court matters .

How To Do a Court Records Search Online

Looking up pending court cases online isn’t difficult. Just go to your local municipal, county or city court website and do a search for specific people. Usually you will need their name and birthday or age to verify it is the right person you are looking for.

The downsides

There are a few downsides to doing a municipal or local court record search for open court cases. First of all they only show what matters are pending, not necessarily any matters from the past that have been settled or closed.

Another downside is you are only getting local information and could be missing out on open court cases in other cities or states that you may not know about.

Doing a complete criminal background check

Another way to find out about anyone’s criminal history past or present is by doing a complete criminal background check online. Services like Kiwi Searches allows you to search the criminal records of just about anyone and you get a complete nationwide search of public criminal records on this person with just a click of a button

Reasons to do a full criminal background check

There are several reasons to run a criminal background check on someone or even yourself. Many people find out their identity has been stolen when they go for a job and don’t get it because a background check revealed false information. If you don’t want to be caught in a similar situation you might want to run a criminal background check on yourself to make sure it is accurate and there are no surprises you need to explain away at an inconvenient time.

How to do a criminal background check

Running a criminal background check online is easy. All you have to do is go to a site like kiwisearches.com and do a person search. When you find the right person you are looking for you can purchase a criminal report on them. Which includes a lot more than you’d get looking up open court cases.

What you will find in a full criminal background check you won’t find in court case lookup

A criminal background check includes a lot of information you won’t find in a court case look up including past criminal convictions (including traffic violations) as well as information on criminal cases from other states and municipalities you wouldn’t have thought to check.

What to do with the information you get

If you are close with someone and find out they have a criminal record you didn’t know about that can be pretty shocking. Most criminal records are the result of mistakes made in the past. However a long rap sheet or violent or sexual offenses could mean this person is dangerous. Remember to use your best judgment and protect yourself and your family.

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