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Cushioning: The Modern Dating Term Revealed

Life was a bit simpler before technology. Since there were no electronic gadgets, you get to meet and converse with people one-on-one. People got to see each other’s authentic facial and physical expressions, and feelings. With this, relationships tended to be more genuine and pure. 

Since we’ve entered the digital age, almost all things are done through gadgets and online such as modern dating. With dating now online, this complicates the relationship process since people may impersonate others online or lie regarding their details and relationship status. Along with this, people on dating sites often entertain the idea of being with other people even when in a relationship, which is known as cushioning. 

If you are looking to be in a serious relationship with someone, you definitely don’t want someone who may be ‘cushioning’ you. Continue reading to learn more about this new modern dating trend. 

5 Clear Signs of Cushioning

Cushioning is a modern dating technique where someone stays in a relationship while still entertaining other people. These side hustles are regarded as “cushions”. Whether you’re the main piece or you’re a cushion, it could be frustrating to be caught up in this mess especially if you’re not into open relationships. If you want to know for sure, here are some signs of cushioning.

Never Leave Their Phone Unattended

Either they always keep their phones with them, or they don’t bring any. If they oddly secure their phone and they don’t leave it unattended even if you’re in a safe or private place, they’re probably hiding something. This could be texting conversations, photos, contacts, or any undeleted proofs of cushioning.

They Initiate The Dates and Conversations

You’re most likely to be a cushion if you only go out on a date when they plan it, or when you start chatting or calling them after they initiated it. Then, when they suddenly become busy for days on end and contact you suddenly being sweet and kind like nothing happened, it’s clear that you are likely a side hustle. 

Too Clean or Too Private Social Media Accounts

While there are indeed people who aren’t active on social media, there must be at least one that they use. If they have a lack of social media accounts and they share little content on them, something is likely up. 

Give Your The Cold Treatment

Losing interest in you might mean someone else may have caught their attention. Be wary as cold treatments are usually the start of cushioning relationships.

Your Intuition Says So

Your instincts are the clearest sign that you’re in a cushioning relationship or something is wrong with the relationship. This might be more common to women, but people in general have sharp survival instincts, including our ability to detect if we’re somehow being manipulated.


Uncovering Their True Intentions

There are a number of ways you can uncover their true intentions and find out if they are cushioning you. 

    • Become Sherlock Holmes and find clues that prove he may be dating or in a relationship with another person or people. These clues could be found around your apartment, their cell phone, or by following them. 
    • Get close with their friend(s) and ask them if they know if anything is going on with your partner and someone else. 
    • Use device monitoring apps like phone spy apps to view their texts, photos, videos, emails, social media activity, and more. 


Other Modern-Day Dating Terms

Cushioning is the latest term in modern dating or at least one of the newest terms. Here are some other dating terms we’ve come across.

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