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5 Cyber Crime Stories You Need To Know About!


Today, practically everyone’s’ world revolves around using their cell phone, tablet, computer, and other technology. With this, cyber criminals are on the rise, looking to target innocent internet users and businesses. These criminals use a piece of technology, like a computer, to steal personal and/or business information and use it for malicious purposes. Below, we list the top cyber crime stories to date.

5 Cyber Crime Stories You Won’t Believe!

1. Yahoo Data Breaches

Yahoo, a company which you may have forgotten existed, has been breached multiple times. In recent years, it was revealed Yahoo suffered a data breach in 2013, in which over a billion accounts were hacked! Then in 2014, another 500+ million accounts were compromised. In Yahoo’s case, the issue wasn’t just the breaches themselves, but the fact that they weren’t revealed to the public until 2016. How could they have kept this a secret for so long? This incident, along with many other data breaches, has brought about the practice of immediately notifying customers if their account was exposed.

2. The Stuxnet Worm

A Stuxnet worm is weaponized code that is used to infiltrate systems and destroy physical infrastructures. Around 2010, Stuxnet was used to attack a nuclear research facility in Tehran, having caused damage to 1000 nuclear centrifuges. The origin of who created this advanced code and weapon is unknown.

3. The Hack Of The Century

The Epsilon Breach aka “The Hack of the Century”, is one of the biggest breaches to date, even bigger than Yahoo and Equifax. Epsilon is a marketing and email service used by people around the world. In 2011, they suffered a MASSIVE breach, possibly exposing 40+ billion emails and 2200 clients. Some big-name companies that used Epsilon at the time were Best Buy, Capital One, J.P. Morgan, Marriott, Disney Vacations, and more.  

4. Mafiaboy

In 2000, all people were talking about was Mafiaboy. Mafiaboy was a 15-year-old Michael Calce from Canada. He was accused of bringing down major sites including Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, CNN, Dell, and E*Trade. To do this, he executed a DDoS (denial-of-service) attack, which overwhelms a site with too much information to the point of it crashing. For his 50+ crimes, he was sentenced to 8 months in a youth group home. Today, he’s using his exceptional talents to help companies improve their systems by finding flaws.

5. The 1994 $10 Million Hack  

Back in 1994, a group of criminals and programmers hacked into a major U.S. bank’s cash management system, robbing them of $400,000. To gain access to the bank accounts, they compromised valid IDs and passwords. Eventually, some of the stolen money was traced to overseas bank accounts, which were then frozen by the bank. The FBI later learned the leader of the perpetrators was Vladimir Levin, a Russian computer programmer. He was eventually apprehended in 1995 by the authorities and sentenced in 1998. This hack is said to be the first of its kind.  


These cyber crime stories are truly astonishing. The 1994 hack and other incidents paved the way for the Mafiaboys’ of today. As a person who uses technology often, I recommend taking the necessary precautions to protect your devices and personal accounts from cyber criminals.

Want to learn more about these and other cyber criminals? Search them online!  

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