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Are Cyberbullying among Girls More Common and How to Stop It?

At a very young age, children now have access to the Internet and social media, which is seen as one of the biggest reasons for the increase in the number of cyberbullying cases, and the number of parents looking to use spyware for cell phones. Cyberbullying takes place when technology and the Internet are used to threaten, harass, or humiliate another person. Although boys are girls are both involved in this kind of behavior, studies show that cyberbullying is more common among girls.

The Rise in Cyberbullying among Girls

According to statistics, the number of teens that are being bullied at school is currently around 40%, and the number of those who claim to have been cyberbullied is 52%. These numbers are alarming, especially when we think of what this type of bullying really is. Clearly, this kind of bullying isn’t isolated anymore, and must be addressed immediately.

Cyberbullying in Girls and in Boys – The Difference

Several studies reveal that girls are more likely to become not only victims, but also perpetrators of cyberbullying. A lot of factors contribute to this, mainly the way they interact with other people. For example, boys are often more aggressive compared to girls, and thus, they tend to be involved in a physical type of bullying. On the other hand, girls are more covet when it comes to their bullying tactics, which explains why they tend to hide behind cell phones and computers.

Cyberbullying among Girls Isn’t Always Recognized

More often than not, girls indirectly attack and spread rumors about their victims. As the bullying tactics used by girls do not usually involve physical violence, not enough attention is given to the bullying activities of girls. Thus, it is important for parents to recognize the signs that their daughter is either a victim or a perpetrator of cyberbullying. Monitoring their cell phones using cell phone spyware is one of the most efficient ways to know their involvement in cyberbullying.

Solutions to Cyberbullying Involving Girls

An important step to deal with cyberbullies is for parents and other adults to be aware of their children’s behavior. Parents, school officials, and teachers need to be sensitive to the signs of cyberbullying among their children and students. Children and teens also need to made to feel that they can talk about these problems with adults.

As a parent, you need to know what your children are doing, especially when they are not at home. You can’t just be complacent that they are in school because cyberbullying happens anywhere. In this case, it can be very helpful for parents to install some sort of spymobile on their children’s phone, such as Highster Mobile. Using this cell phone spyware, you can view your teen’s text messages, social media posts, and other information on their devices that can help you determine if he or she is engaged in cyberbullying.

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