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Dangerous Social Media Challenges To Watch Out For

Dangerous Social Media Challenges To Watch Out For

With social media taking over the internet, we are seeing more hazardous challenges that can potentially cause harm to participants. Maybe you might remember the ice bucket challenge or mannequin challenge that had people everywhere recreating their own video of the challenge? Although these challenges may not appear as being dangerous, the latest internet challenges can potentially cause serious harm.

What Is A Social Media Challenge?

Typically these challenges involve someone being nominated by a friend, family member, or colleague to recreate their own version of a famous challenge. And sometimes, people just see these challenge videos in their social media feed. The participant will then record a video of themselves completing the challenge and post it on social media nominating others to do the same. This may not seem dangerous at first; however, have you heard of some of the latest challenges?

Tide Pod Challenge

This challenge consists of participants biting into the bright-colored Tide laundry detergent packets. After the detergent packet breaks in their mouth, the brightly colored detergent oozes out. This is extremely dangerous as it can cause you to be very ill from ingesting the soap or by inhaling the packet resulting in serious damage to their lungs. 

Salt and Ice Challenge

The Salt and Ice Challenge is when you put salt and water onto your skin and see how long you can last holding the ice against the salt on your body. The mixture of salt, your body temperature, and the ice creates a chemical reaction that results in a severe burn. If you hold this on your body for longer than two to three minutes, this can result in a full-thickness burn, which means that the skin is completely destroyed.

Shell On Challenge

This challenge has participants eating a whole piece of food with the peel or packaging still on. With fruit or vegetables, it may not be the worst thing. However, when it comes to ingesting cardboard or plastic wrapped around the food, many health concerns come into play. The packaging of food is not meant to be consumed and, if consumed, can lead to choking or internal damages/ clogging.

Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

Kylie Jenner is known for having full lips that everyone wants, not to mention her makeup line. In an attempt for fans to have big lips like hers, this challenge was created. The challenge involves a person putting their lips in a shot glass and sucking all the air out of the glass. The friction from sucking all of the remaining air in the glass can cause severe damage to your lips. This can lead to swelling, pain, bruising, and severe scarring.

Fire Challenge

The Fire Challenge is when someone pours rubbing alcohol all over their body and then lights themselves on fire. It is pretty self-explanatory why this is such a dangerous challenge. We have heard some stories of how children doing this challenge have been rushed to the hospital with severe burns. 

Skull Breaker Challenge

In this ridiculous challenge, three people will jump in the air, and two of the people will kick the legs of the person in the middle out from under them, resulting in them falling to the ground. We have seen some of these falls to be pretty severe and resulting in participants landing on their back or in an unsafe way. No one wants to hurt their friends intentionally, but these challenge results are unpredictable.

The Penny Challenge

The challenge that involves a penny and an outlet can never result in anything good. While participants may not realize the harm they are putting themselves in while a phone charger is plugged into the outlet, the participant will slide the penny behind the charger. The penny is touching the metal prongs of the charger, which results in sparks, or some cases, a fire.   

The Blue Whale Challenge

This challenge is a devastating suicide game that is conducted through the latest social media platforms. The game lasts for 50 days, and presents the player with new tasks to perform each day. Since people are not sure how the players are chosen for the game, parents everywhere are highly concerned. That is why it is important to make sure your child doesn’t join social media at too early an age. 

Bird Box Challenge

The challenge is based off of the popular Netflix film Bird Box, but teenagers’ love for the movie has expanded outside the theaters. The challenge involves people going about their everyday lives blindfolded as if they were in the film. Some of the videos posted by participants are just insane. Some participants have even gone as far as walking down the street blindfolded. Netflix has made a statement asking people who do the challenge to not put themselves in harm’s way. 

Choking Game

The choking game is an extremely dangerous challenge that has people cutting off the oxygen and blood flow to their brain in an attempt to pass out. The participant will strangle themselves until they pass out or, in some cases, what they thought would be passing out. Fainting games have been around for a while in an attempt to reach a high without drugs or alcohol. 

Other Challenges To Watch Out For: 

Social media is becoming a part of our everyday lives. However, with the latest challenges being introduced, it is clear that the creators of these challenges are not concerned with participants or their own safety. Make sure you know these latest internet challenges and do not put yourself at risk of potentially harming yourself or others.