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DDI Utilities, an App to Spy on Text Messages for Free

DDI Utilities is an app to spy on text messages free of charge. Without any additional fees, you can spy another phone’s conversations. Read their text messages. See GPS location. Facebook messages and whole lot more! It is a software designed to backup important files and recover lost data at the same time function as monitoring and tracking application.

What Can a Spy Application Do?

As it backs up important data and make it ready to be recovered the moment a cell phone or a laptop is stolen, a tablet is lost, or a computer is having a hardware malfunction or the file is corrupted by a software virus, DDI Utilities also extracts all information and files created and sent to the device. It can extract company records, employee profiles, and other office documents saved in a device. It can also recover phone contacts, text messages, call history, photos, videos, websites visited and other online activities like social media and gaming.

How Effective is DDI Utilities in the Office?

Some may ask does DDI Utilities really work? It is a good idea to start looking for reliable sites and sources of information that can provide important details about spy applications like Safeguarde. It features reputable brands of spy applications and softwares to choose from, depending on how it suits the user. It is best to visit sites that present the advantages and benefits of using a monitoring or tracking software.

DDI Utilities is mostly used by companies in keeping company data safe and secure and at the same time maintain an updated office records. Without having a chance of losing a data is a huge saving in an office for its office equipments’ maintenance budget. Work productivity of the company is also measured as the software does the monitoring of employees’ work performance.

It can be installed in company devices used by employees in doing their work and to be monitored only during office hours. It can monitor all activities performed in a computer for admin and support functions, banking activities in the finance office, online transactions for the production and distribution of products, and other online activities for the support function.

Useful Even with Parents Who are Busy in the Office

Even parents can use the application to monitor all mobile activities of a child or teen. Parents can have access to phone contacts and know who their children’s friends are and be able to keep them away from harm from strangers. They can also check text message and listen to phone conversations to review their teens’ topics and manner of conversing. Parents can as well have access to emails and voicemails, check website visited, games played, and social media activities to monitor internet usage and keep them away from dangers associated with online activities.

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