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The Ultimate Cell Phone Data Extractor Utility 

DDI UtilitiesDDI Utilities is used primarily for backup and data recovery of mobile devices, but what they don’t tell you is you also can use this program to spy on a cell phone. DDI will enable you to see virtually everything that happens on a cell phone or tablet without actually having the device in your possession.

The entire procedure is rather quick and easy and is totally covered in the video below. Take a look and see how DDI Utilities can be used for this purpose.

DDI Utilities is one of the top Backup and Recovery Software Programs, helping almost one million users. I purchased the software because the last time Apple came out with a new software update, I lost all of the content on my phone. This program recovers/extracts contacts, pictures, call histories, MMS, iMessages and text messages, photos, videos, voicemail, calendar entries, notes, app files, saved games, and data that might otherwise be lost or inaccessible.

Once on the computer, it is accessible through a secure online account. The best part about this software, is that is is available for both Apple and Android products. My friend lost his Galaxy twice in the last 6 months and with the help of this program, he was able to recover the data and fully restore his phone.

DDI is shockingly easy to use as well. I am not tech-savvy by any means but it was a quick and easy to download.

Installing the software:

There are three basic steps to downloading the program. They are:

  1. Download the program using the OTA (over-the-air) link provided to the phone you want to monitor.
  2. Enter your license key (provided) and the telephone number of the phone you want to recover/backup.
  3. Login to your account from your cell phone, tablet or computer to see info from the phone.

This download process takes only a few minutes and the data from the phone and or tablet will start uploading immediately. When I installed the software on my device, the contacts, photos, texts, calls, and more were on my computer within a few minutes. After playing around with the product dashboard I realized that I could also monitor Facebook, Twitter and GPS location as well. I was so impressed that I purchased a second copy of the software, which I will install to my daughter’s phone to make sure she stays out of trouble when she isn’t home.


Features and benefits of DDI Utilities:

  1. Text messages: Every text messages that is sent or received from the device can be recovered. Now you will never lose important information that has been texted to you! You will see the date and time of the text and the receiving party’s number.
  2. iMessages: On Apple devices the program will backup iMessages that are sent or received. Like the text message function, it will extract old and deleted text messages from the Apple device and the exact message, date, time, etc.
  3. Calls: You be able to see incoming and outgoing call log history. As well as the the date and time and duration of the call. All call logs are displayed in your control panel online.
  4. GPS location: The GPS tracking system of DDI Utilities will track the phone to within 50 feet of its actual location. The location of the phone will be viewed on Google Maps with a pinpoint and the coordinated are updated every 10 minutes.
  5. Photos: All photos, new and deleted and old, will be displayed for you in your online control panel. As with all other information gathered by DDI Utilities, you will be able to see all of your photos on your computer and any other device.
  6. Videos: Videos that are recorded on your phone will be available on your online control panel where they can be viewed by you at any time.
  7. Calendar Events – Events that have been saved to your calendar previously, old, and new, will be recovered and downloaded to your online control panel.


Customer Service

Even though the software was easy to install I still had some questions, like I said, I’m not really tech savvy. I contacted DDI Utilities Customer Support and I got through after a few short rings. The Customer Service Member was able to answer all of my questions and they offered to walk me through the installation and extraction process.


Although the control panel is nothing fancy, the program is simple and easy to navigate. With exceptional customer service and for only $19.99 a month, it’s definitely worth the buy.

Visit their website: https://ddiutilities.com/

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