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Deflate Gate

How does a superstar’s bad behavior affect the lives of impressionable young fans? Deflate Gate is not the most egregious crime in the world, but it will probably tarnish Tom Brady’s legacy in the end. The controversy surrounds the NFL’s investigation into the New England Patriots use of deflated footballs during the AFC Championship game against the Colts in Foxborough, MA.

Mr. Perennial Winning-est NFL quarterback married to Giselle Bundchen was recently envied even more so by millions when, over the biggest sports weekend in America so far this year, it was reported that he not only attended the Kentucky Derby, but then flew to Las Vegas for the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight. What a life! Super model wife, private jets, super star lifestyle. What’s not to envy? But, typical America – no sooner do we build up our entertainment and sports heroes do we immediately tear them down. Didn’t the Patriots just win the Super Bowl?!

The Ted Wells report was recently made public, and as a cnn.com report stated, it was most likely that “more probable than not” Tom Brady had some kind of hand in Deflate Gate. The article goes on to say,

“The evidence linking Brady to the controversy includes texts where McNally and Jastremski discuss the quarterback and his air pressure preference that would affect the feel and ability to grip the football.”

Jim McNally is a locker room attendant and John Jastremski is an equipment assistant for the New England Patriots. Tom Brady also refused to give up his cell phone to investigators.

No cell phone from Tom! You don’t need a law degree to understand that such an action speaks volumes. What’s Tom hiding on his phone that he would refuse to give it up?? Trade secrets of a quarterback? Salary discussions with his agent? Sexy photos of Giselle? Or, more seriously, text messages that implicate Tom’s involvement in this controversy, perhaps?

We live in a modern era where most Americans live on their cell phones in our daily lives. Tom Brady is a role model for many young sports fans with football dreams. If Tom did something wrong, like knowingly cheat to win the AFC Championship game by deflating footballs, lying in press conferences, and then refusing to cooperate with investigators by not handing over his cell phone, what does that say to young America? It says: if you’re a mega celebrity, you can cheat to win, and then you can refuse to cooperate when called a liar.

Cell phone monitoring software like Autoforward is today’s modern intervention for parents who want to track teens before they get into Tom-like trouble. Once the software is installed, a parent can view all text messages, social media posts, call logs, photos, videos and more from a teenager’s target phone. Think of the aggravation investigators could’ve saved by having a text message tracker like Autoforward. So even if Tom refused to give up his cell, his texts still could’ve been handed over to investigators. No more Tom-foolery!


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