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A Dependable Spy Mobile App for Every Wary Parent

Spy mobile app is tailor-made for every wary parent who wants to ensure her child’s well-being even without your supervision. Utmost protection for your child is achievable as long as you know what’s going on with him. Be it happenings he told you about or feelings you have yet to know.

An info storage device he is particularly obsessed with is his mobile phone. This serves true to almost (if not all) children nowadays. Having a cell phone in today’s time has become more of a need than a want. Communication is made easy with just a click. It conveniently serves its purpose and even exceeds some; as for your child, bringing his phone wherever he goes instantly makes it his favorite device for very obvious reasons. It comes handy with all the things he is able to do with, access to applications for both contacting and recreational purposes included. You can just imagine the amount of information the phone waiting to be unraveled on his whereabouts.

“WARY” less

Safeguarde offers a one-time payment with no hidden charges monthly fees needed. With its features, you being a wary parent could ease up within seconds after successful installation! It will help you know your child’s activities without having to get hold of his phone. Specifically monitor the most detailed messages done through sms and other messenger enabled social media sites. It also verifies the truth on things he previously told you. Other useful features of the app via remotely monitoring are as follows:

  • Record and view specific calls
  • Track GPS location on map in 5-minute interval
  • View all incoming, outgoing and even deleted emails
  • See captured photos
  • See recently played videos or captured ones
  • Social media site tracking
  • View contacts, notes calendars on target phone
  • Review browsing history
  • Allows you to lock target phone
  • Live control panel
  • Monitor the functionality of target phone

iPhone only?

Of course…NOT! Safeguarde is so convenient that it works best on all Apple and Android devices. This app provides a control panel that serves as a dashboard where you can access all its features. It also follows that whatever your child’s cell phone provider is; Safeguarde works with all of them. There exist reviews/articles about Safeguarde as a spyware for iphone and android devices captivatingly gives you more idea of its quality as a monitoring tool.

A friendly reminder

You don’t want this whole monitoring to get in the way of your parent-child relationship, right? So before you plan on installing, make sure to let him know why you’ll be doing such. Thoroughly explain to him how beneficial it will be to both of you; as this would entail a (positive) feeling of openness between each other. Also, be aware that access to the most popularly used social media site, Facebook allows the site tracks you in as much as Safeguarde does on a target phone as an iphone spy! Searched words using microphone,behavioral tracking and targeting as well as ads clicked called are gathered unless disabled.

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