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A 19-year old Long Island nanny was arrested the other day for trying to drive away from the beach with four children in her car. If not for the brave heroics of another mother, she may have gotten away … and killed them all.

Sound Beach babysitter Sabrina Macri had spent the day at Cedar Beach with four children that she was watching—all ranging in age from 4-11. However, it appears that she was doing a lot more than just watching the kids—she was getting drunk. Her intoxication was discovered by another woman, who at first was trying to help the inebriated underage drinker find her car in the parking lot. When the alert helper realized that Macri was drunk and discovered that she was going to leave with the children in her black Honda Civic, she blocked the intoxicated teen from exited the beach’s lot.

This is not the first time that something like this has happened—and it won’t be the last. However, if the babysitter is your daughter, you can make sure it never happens on how to see someones text messages free on her phone. A high quality spy app can give you complete and discrete access to a target phone’s dashboard so that you can see what is happening on that device in real-time.

Let’s face it, Macri is a teen, and teens are on their smartphones all day long. I guarantee you that there is plenty of evidence on her phone that proves that she was liquoring up the entire time that she was babysitting. Had her parents installed to see someones text messages free on their daughter’s phone, they may have noticed that she wasn’t acting right. They could then have gone to the beach and stopped her. How so? Read on

A remote cell phone spy software free gives parents access to their kids’ calls, texts, SMS messages, social media accounts and more. I’m certain Macri tweeted a few times about the good time she was having. She may have even taken a few selfies with her and her buds—Budweisers that is. Had her folks checked her social media updates or accessed her pics with the app, they may have been able to do something about it. They could have taken their own pictures with Macri’s phone and activated the microphone to listen in on their drunken teen daughter’s environment. Then they could’ve tracked her via the app’s GPS locator and gone and gotten her.

There are no definite answers about how this could all have turned out, but thankfully there was someone there to stop Macri from driving off and potentially killing those kids in an accident. If you have a teen who may not always do the right thing and you want to keep a closer eye on them, then do yourself a favor and install a well-rated mobile monitoring app on their smartphone. It may not seem like the type of thing you want to do, but it really can save lives. Just ask the kids of the parents who trusted Macri to take care of them.


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