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Easy and Effective Tips On How To Spy On Text Messages Without Target Phone

Easy and Effective Tips On How To Spy On Text Messages Without Target Phone


There are many reasons why so many people would love to learn how to monitor a mobile phone and how to spy on text messages without installing software. Setting up a monitoring app on your loved one’s mobile phone is one of the best ways to keep them away from bad company and protect them from harm.

Why People Like Monitoring Apps

Consider the number of phones which can access the internet and can receive and send text messages. There are literally billions of smartphones on the planet and around 80% of the world’s population has access to them. And even with that big a number, most of the people who use monitoring apps use them only to protect their children or employees. There are any number of reasons that people use apps to observe other phones, but we will discuss the more popular ones.

    1. The apps are inexpensive. While many apps require you to pay a monthly subscription to continue using your license and account, others only need you to pay a one-time payment and the updates are free.
    2. They have a lot of features that are actually useful in monitoring other phones. For example, they have a feature that can send you a copy of every text ever sent and received by the phone since the time app was installed.
    3. Parents always want to know where their children are or what they are doing on their phones. There are a lot of things on the Internet that can tempt your kid and cause him harm. Similarly, there are a lot of people that would want to hurt others, not minding at all if it’s children that they are targeting. Monitoring apps, such as Highster Mobile or Auto Forward, let you know of any of your kid’s phone activities so you can formulate a plan to counter anything that comes their way.
    4. Compatibility between software and hardware has always been an issue, but in this case it isn’t. Highster Mobile, Auto Forward, and PhoneSpector are three of the top monitoring apps available, and all of them are supported by Android and iOS platforms. That means that the phone monitoring software can be used with different types of mobile phones.
    5. Ease of use is also one of the more prevalent issues with monitoring apps. Many users don’t have extensive knowledge about using the software. The top apps are so easy to use that it might be called intuitive. They are downloaded using a simple process and installed similarly. There is also an uncomplicated dashboard on the app that makes remotely observing the target phone as easy as 1-2-3.
    6. PhoneSpector, Highster Mobile, and the other top monitoring apps have great after-sales service and tech support. This includes the free software updates whose license lasts a lifetime.


Monitoring a Phone With or Without Using an App

When trying to monitor a phone using an app, you need to first make sure that the app you have is the best one for you. Here are a few tips on how to choose the right monitoring app.

    1. Choose the app with all the features that you need. If you need to monitor your child’s communications, then choose an app that can access text messaging, instant messaging apps, social media, and web browsers. If you want to know where your child is all the time, then look for geolocation features. Sometimes you need an all-service monitoring app that does everything decently. Our recommendation for the top three above still stands and you can download those apps here, here and here.
    2. Be a stickler for following instructions. They are there for a reason, and it is to make sure that the app will perform the best it can. Read all the directions carefully and follow them to the letter. Since these apps can be supported by both iPhone and Android operating systems, there are bound to be differences when syncing the target phone with the app. 
    3. There are going to be some things that would go wrong in the course of using the software. This includes the developer’s servers going down, or the satellites and computers that link the target phone to the app not working properly. You need to be ready for these and other eventualities since they can severely slow down and hold up your monitoring.

You can also monitor a phone’s text messaging app without using an app. One way is by using the built-in monitoring feature found in every iPhone. But you need to get your hands on the target phone itself. Here’s how to do it.

    1. Go to the settings menu and tap on the option for messages.
    2. Go to the “Send and Receive” submenu.
    3. Click on the “Add an email” option and add your email ID.
    4. The phone will send copies of all texts sent and received to your email.

However, there is a big risk involved with this. As we said before, you need to have the phone in your hand in order to do this. This is why we always recommend that monitoring app users always get your child’s consent first before remotely observing their phone. Once you do, you can monitor their phones to keep them safe and secure. Learn more about monitoring apps by visiting our website https://safeguarde.com/ right now!