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Effective Monitoring Software Programs For Businesses


For your business to succeed, you must make sure your employees are completing their work tasks and being productive. In today’s day in age, you can longer count on the word of your employees. You must take it upon yourself as a business manager or owner to monitor your staff. So, with that being said, we have listed the top monitoring software programs for businesses!

Top 3 Monitoring Software Programs

1. PhoneSpector

PhoneSpector tracking software is a new program on the market. However, from our extensive research, it’s the best one! It works great on iPhones (6-X), iPads (all), and Android smartphones (Samsung, Motorola, LG, and more!).

This monitoring software program excels at backing up a phone’s data quickly and efficiently. The data retrieved can include photos, videos, call log, texts, emails, and web browsing history. Any information essential to overseeing your employees can be extracted and viewed on your private account dashboard. Plus, this software has an Extended Warranty Package which allows you to download it on multiple devices.


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2. Highster Mobile

This product ranks second as the best monitoring software for businesses. If your business primarily uses iPhones or iPads for work tasks, Highster Mobile would be great for you. With this software, no jailbreaking and physical access to the device is required.

For installation, all you need to do is enter your employees’ company Apple ID and password, then upload and view the data. It’s that simple! Absolutely no complicated steps to follow.

Highster Mobile enables you to see information including iMessages, downloaded App Store applications, photos, videos, iCal, Messages, and Safari online searches. So, if your employee is possibly slacking off, you’ll find out!


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3. Auto Forward

This monitoring software is known for having high-quality features customers love (including us). For businesses specifically, being able to see social media activities, emails, call log, texts, private app messages, GPS location, and browsing history comes in handy. Knowing the real-time GPS location is essential for a business whose employees work remotely or in the field. The amount of information Auto Forward can get from a cell phone is astounding!

Along with its excellent features, it works well on the latest iPhone and Android devices and operating systems. The installation process is also super easy and the software dashboard is user-friendly.


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Why Use Monitoring Software To Oversee Your Employees?

1. To Make Sure Your Employees Are Doing Their Work

As we said above, you can’t trust your employee’s word. To ensure they’re doing their work, you must oversee their device use and keep a log of their activities. Using a monitoring software program is the only way to know what your employees are really doing during work.

2. To Help Them With Their Productivity

Having productive employees is crucial to having a successful business. By monitoring them, you can see if there’s anything causing them to be unproductive. Then, you confront them about it and provide them with useful advice to help them improve.

3. To Keep Your Business Information Confidential

In the competitive business world, businesses are always trying to learn what their competitors are doing and planning. Monitoring all forms of communication can help you keep an eye on your business secrets and make sure they aren’t shared with the competition.


If you are a business owner or manager, you should truly consider using a monitoring software program. It will benefit both your employees and business. To learn more about monitoring software and spy applications, browse our site!

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