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Employee Monitoring Software Surges with the Home-Based Work Setup

Employee Monitoring Software Surges with the Home-Based Work Setup

The wide-scale lockdowns for the past couple of years due to the Covid-19 pandemic have forced people to find alternative ways of running errands and accomplishing tasks. Several businesses switched online and most entrepreneurs have resorted to remote working. The boost in demands for web-based programs, apps, and tools has somehow increased the possibility of threats and dangers as well. 

Even after the whole world has gradually eased the restrictions and lockdowns, several business owners chose to retain all or half of their business operations on a home-based work setup. After all, they’ve already found ways to ensure high productivity and high-quality outputs. 


Pros and Cons of Home-Based Work Setup

Pros and Cons of Home-Based Work Setup

Home-based work setup or often referred to as WFH is a strategy wherein business transactions and operations are done remotely. Entrepreneurs either issue pre-programmed and customized devices for their employees to use or they set up remote servers and virtual private networks where their staff can connect their gadgets. Either way, business owners ensure they get to oversee, manage, and control all processes and tasks.

Some entrepreneurs had a hard time adjusting and adapting, especially those who, for the longest time, have been conducting business in the traditional ways. Startup owners, on the other hand, were thrilled with the accessibility and convenience of penetrating any niche of their choice. Nevertheless, like any other business strategy, WFH isn’t a flawless setup that suits all types of businesses. 

From an employer’s point of view, here are the advantages and disadvantages of a home-based work setup.

  • Pros:
    • Lower operations cost
    • Automated and streamlined processes
    • Faster turnaround time of transactions
    • Less stress and tension in the workplace
    • Real-time data analysis and reports generation
    • 24/7 business operations coverage
  • Cons:
    • More uncontrollable work distractions
    • Possible delays caused by power or internet interruptions
    • Wrong impression of freedom resulting in poor time management
    • Lower productivity and/or quality of work caused by unmonitored tasks

From an employee’s point of view, here are the advantages and disadvantages of a home-based work setup.

  • Pros:
    • Lower personal expenses
    • More time spent with family and friends
    • Less stress and pressure
    • Faster and more convenient working
  • Cons:
    • Power interruptions and/or internet connection issues
    • Could get easily distracted
    • Possible delays in having their concerns addressed
    • A gap in the quality and quantity of work among co-workers


The Legality of Employee Monitoring

The Legality of Employee Monitoring

Generally, pre-employment screening and employee monitoring are legally allowed in almost all states. Several federal, state and local laws are in place to enforce and regulate such rights of employers. Nevertheless, depending on the jurisdiction, there are certain limitations. 

For instance, most states allow employees to install spy apps on company-issued devices but not on cell phones personally owned by their employees. Some states allow monitoring of personal devices during work hours provided that there was a prior notice. Some counties allow employee monitoring of any form as long as clearly stated on the signed employee handbook.


The Most Efficient Way to Monitor WFH Employees

The Most Efficient Way to Monitor WFH Employees

Thanks to the availability of various technological advancements, there are several means of ensuring that all remote tasks and operations are properly executed. One of the most efficient and reliable ways, however, is through the use of powerful spy software.

  • Auto Forward Monitoring Software

Auto Forward is a trusted and reliable software that’s programmed with cutting-edge technologies capable of remotely extracting data from any compatible phone. It’s designed to work with all versions of iOS and Android devices. Such modern apps grant users remote and real-time access, making it easier for employers to identify and address issues.

Auto Forward is an all-in-one powerful software with advanced monitoring features and extensive security protocols. It has a myriad of efficient functionalities, including screen time limit, online activity monitoring, content filters, and app/site blocking.

  • How It Works

To start using Auto Forward, all you need are access to a compatible device, a stable internet connection, an active email address, subscription fee payment, and any internet-enabled device to access the web-based dashboard.

During the installation process, Auto Forward establishes a virtual link connecting the monitored phone and its remote servers. The link will then serve as a pathway of data, making it possible for users to view all extracted files instantaneously.

  • How It Helps

Through Auto Forward, you can remotely monitor how your employees execute business operations, as well as ensure that all client transactions are handled professionally. Using its advanced monitoring features and in-depth data extraction capabilities, you can rest assured that the quality of work still meets your company’s standards even if your staff is working from home.

When you opt to use Auto Forward, you can expect to gain access to almost all offline and online activities, including:

  • SMS texts or iMessages
  • Phone call logs
  • Contact lists
  • GPS locations
  • Saved notes and calendar appointments
  • Web search history
  • Social media activities


  • How It’s Used

Auto Forward is exquisitely programmed and smartly designed but it’s one of the most accessible and user-friendly apps. The installation process of this affordable premium software is pretty much straightforward.

  1. Download. Download the app using an over-the-air link.
  2. Activate. Activate the software using a unique license key.
  3. Access. Access the web-based dashboard using any internet-enabled device.

Whatever the setup is in your respective workplace, employee monitoring is a wise business strategy. With the proper knowledge and the right tools, you can surely succeed in achieving smooth and simultaneous business operations. 


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it legal to use spy apps on my employees?

Employee monitoring is generally legal in most states. Depending on the jurisdiction, however, there are certain requirements and or limitations. For instance, a written notice or verbal advice must be presented before installing the spy software.

  • How can I track my employees’ locations?

There are several tools and programs capable of tracking GPS locations. The most efficient and practical way, however, is to install reliable spy software such as Auto Forward.

  • Can my employer legally track my phone?

In general, employers are legally allowed to install spy apps on all company-issued devices. Some states even allow tracking or monitoring of personally owned devices provided that these are used on any work-related task or used within work hours. Nevertheless, be sure to check out the contract and/or employee handbook to know exactly what your company rules are.

  • Can my employer see what websites I visit on home WiFi?

Even if you’re using a home WiFi, employers can still see your online activities if you’re using company-issued devices with tracking tools. Also, if you’re logging on a company virtual private network (VPN) or connecting to a remote server, all activities during that time are recorded or captured.

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