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Employers Who Spy On Text Messages

How To Monitor Texts
In the past it would have been nearly impossible to spy on text messages or text spy, but with the improvement in technology in recent years, employers can monitor and track their employees cell phone activity, including text message spy. Companies such as Safeguarde have developed software to assist employers with this.

Increasing Use of Cell Phones
As working practices have changed, employers are increasingly providing their employees with technology to do their jobs. This technology includes personal computers and cell phones. They need employees to be more flexible, more available and more productive and PCs and cell phones are vital tools to ensure this can happen.

Types of Misuse
Whilst the vast majority of employees use these tools as they were intended i.e. for company use, this is not the case with all employees. A certain percentage of the workforce will take advantage of their cell phones and misuse them. This misuse can take the form of using the cell phone for personal purposes instead of exclusively business, using the cell phone inappropriately by accessing certain types of website, using the cell phone to conduct business outside of the employers business and even using a company cell phone to pass information to competitors. These, and many other misuses highlight why employers should focus more than ever on monitoring their employees’ cell phone activity, including calls and texts.

What Can be Monitored?
Cell Phone tracking software, such as that provided by Safeguarde, can help track text message traffic, both incoming and outgoing.  They can also provide an actual transcript of the messages sent and received, something that might be very important should evidence of improper or even illegal behavior is required.

Legal Status
It should be noted that whilst installing such software onto employees company cell phones is not in itself illegal, it would always be best practice to inform employees that such monitoring spy on text messages is being undertaken.

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