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Is your ex husband nowhere to be seen? Look no more with the Hero Searches Engine…

So much information can be retrieved from the internet and more so from the Heroes Searches engine. Technology has gone a notch higher at almost everything can be found just at a click of a button. The problem with human beings is that when we are giving the freedom and the privileges  to use something that may improve our lives we end up abusing the system but even in the midst of that most people have used the internet to make their work easier and to reach where they could not have reached physically. The public records providers such as Hero Searches ensures that this information is screened, updated, and reliable so that your search about information can be successful. Many people like the reverse phone number lookup with name. There are different reasons that can make a person use these sites; family reunions, friends’ union, moral responsibility, financial responsibility and even retrieval of criminal records.


From the vast reasons, people have found help and satisfaction that drives them to encourage others. Personally I do not dispute this fact, I do not write on something that I do not know about, I do not just mention on the testimonies of people but I write to confirm on how the public records search had rescued me and my child by making my ex-husband be responsible financially even after we divorced and he moved to another state which had had no idea about. Before getting into my encounter it is good that I let you know that no missing person cannot be found. If someone is missing in your life don’t just sit there rise up and open a free criminal record check, start the search.

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Having been married for four years and living happily in my marriage, I did not know that the rocks of marriage can also hit the ridge. The problem started with me hiring a young nanny to take care of my little girl while I was away for work. My job entails research work and therefore most of the times I am in the field and away from my place of residence. My husband on the other hand only worked night shifts and for the better part of the day, he was always in the house or hanging out with friends. As I was always away working, I did not know there was some chemistry going on between my husband and my nanny. The love between them was increasing that my nanny could be taken out for lunch at the expense of my child remaining alone in the house. At 7 years my little girl could always see what was going on and many times tried to tell about it but I disputed saying my husband was so perfect to do that.

On that fateful day that I sneaked from my job to buy cookies which I liked most at a nearby shop for my lunch, I saw what my eyes could not believe my husband was there with the nanny. When he saw me he left the restaurant and I did not see him from then.

To cut the story short, my girl and I had money troubles ever since now my ex-husband left and remarried the nanny and moved to another state. Child support and spousal support payments haven’t reached my mailbox for months. He needed to be found before legal papers can be served requiring him to make payments. Through the Heroes public records search engine, I was able to trace my husband with a click of the button and dialing his full names. Nothing has been easier as this search. He is now taking full parental responsibility thanks an online background search.

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