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Is Facebook Still The Best Social Media Platform?


An entire generation has been introduced to social media via Facebook. However, due to the inflated, ad-infused nature of it, many people have migrated to other social media platforms. Facebook may have the most users, but it isn’t the most influential app anymore.

Even though Facebook owns Instagram, they are not the same platform. While Facebook has lost its popularity, Instagram has become the most impactful social media app out there.


Instagram: The Future of Social Media


social media platform
Which social media platform do you prefer? Facebook or Instagram?


Better Than Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat!

In 2012, Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion. What was then just a blossoming app has grown into one of the most popular platforms in the world. The app has roughly 800 million active users and appeals to today’s generation. Young social media users are more interested in viewing visual content like photos and videos, and less text. That investment has proven to be an extremely wise decision by Facebook.  


Algorithm Changes

One thing that makes Instagram unique is its constant algorithm changes. The Instagram team believes in listening to their users and providing the best experience possible. The most recent Instagram algorithm update involves making sure newer posts appear first on the users’ feeds. They’re also testing a “New Posts” button for users who want to choose when to refresh their feed.


Instagram for Marketing

The social media platform has become popular for companies to showcase their products. Businesses can engage with people who have tagged them in a location or photo. There’s also a new feature that allows businesses to tag their products in a photo that users can click on. For advertising, there are multiple options to choose from including photo, video, stories, or carousel ads.  



What makes Instagram appealing to this generation is that it focuses exclusively on photos. Although there are captions and hashtags, the main focus for Instagram is sharing photos about your life. With most children today having short attention spans, a social media platform that focuses on photos is a sure way to retain their interest.


Despite Facebook having more users than Instagram, Instagram is still far more entertaining and useful. People are moving away from using Facebook because of its overuse of ads, data privacy issues, and fake news. Though it’s important to have a Facebook business page, Instagram is the future of social media.

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