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text tracker can prevent cheating
A text message tracker can prevent student cheating.

Fair Game

How urgent is the student cheating problem in American high schools? An ABC report claims,

Cheating in American high schools is widespread if not endemic. And it usually works.

Yesterday Tom Brady, quarterback of the New England Patriots, just got suspended 4 games of the 2015-2016 season for his part in Deflate Gate, and the team received a one million dollar fine, the highest in NFL history. Why? The NFL deemed it a violation of the integrity of the game.

CNN recently reported “Brady, who answered questions from investigators over the course of one day, did not turn over personal information such as texts and emails. Furthermore, the report doubted the quarterback’s claim that he didn’t know the name of McNally, the part-time Patriots employee who investigators think most likely improperly deflated footballs just before the team faced off in January’s AFC championship game.”

Did Tom intentionally violate NFL rules? Whether you agree or disagree is up for debate. But one thing is for certain: his legacy has been tarnished with these cheating allegations. If the Wells Report is true, although he didn’t deflate the footballs himself, he tried to gain the competitive advantage with his alleged involvement.

Another reason there’s so much discussion about Tom’s hand in Deflate Gate is because he’s a role model for young kids. He’s a superstar athlete and young impressionable kids might think, “If Tom can cheat, what’s wrong with a little cheating in MY game? What’s wrong with someone else writing some of my paper?”

When American high school kids think they can cut corners, it’s not a surprise that they usually do. And in this modern technological era, the ways to cheat far outweigh the old days of looking over the shoulder of your classmate.

What can a parent do if he fears his child is cheating in school? With Highster Mobile cell phone monitoring software, now the PARENT has the competitive edge. How? Highster allows any parent or guardian to track multiple activities on their child’s phone, including:

Text message tracking, call logs, social media activity including Facebook and Instagram posts, photos, videos, chat messages, and much more.

The easy-to-use software has a simple three part process of download, install and monitor to track a mobile phone. And it’s a one-time fee with no additional monthly costs. It’s the most cost-effective phone spyware

What’s that weird Facebook post about the exam in 7th period? What’s that strange text conversation with mean? The text seems like a string of history answers. Is someone else texting the answers to your child?

Don’t let your child get caught cutting corners, or worse, get kicked out of school. Everyone can make a mistake, and especially kids, who are influenced by their peers. With Highster Mobile, you can intervene before it’s too late. We’re not sure at this point if Tom Brady cheated or not, but one things for sure: Tom refused to hand over his cell phone. The Wells investigation could’ve really used a cell phone spyware to track Tom’s phone.





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