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True Story: Father Finds Shocking Content On His Child’s Phone


Giving a child a cell phone is a huge step for any parent. However, can parents trust their child to be careful on it? Well, most parents do not. Parents want to make sure their child is safe and protect them from digital dangers like online predators. One father had the right not to trust his child’s phone use after seeing what was on it.  

Online Predator Targets 9-Year-Old Girl


online predators
Is an online predator targeting your child?


A father from Thomasville, North Carolina, decided to spy on his 9-year-old daughter’s cell phone. He was shocked by what he found. Apparently, she had been chatting with 32-year-old Scott Trader from Port St. Lucie. They were using the app Say Hi to secretly communicate.

Trader had continually asked the girl to send explicit photos of herself, which the girl refused by only sending clothed ones. During this time, he had sent her explicit photos and videos of himself. He even told her, “Aw, you’re very pretty for your age. You look sexy in those pajamas.” After some pressure by Trader, the girl eventually sent revealing photos of herself.

When the girl’s father saw this was going on, he immediately contacted the authorities, and Homeland Security took over the case. They found that Trader was also using the messaging app Kik and did a criminal history search on him.

Apparently, Trader had a history of lewd behavior and possession of child pornography. Homeland Security had conducted a search of his home and found 10 storage cards, an external hard drive, a laptop, and three phones revealing possession of child pornography.

Recently, Trader was sentenced to life in federal prison. Read more in-depth about this true story here.


In the story above, the father did the right thing by viewing the contents of his daughter’s phone and contacting the authorities. It is all too common nowadays that young children are being targeted by online predators.

The easiest solution any parent can take to prevent this is by using a spy text app. That way, parents will know what exactly their child is doing on their phone.

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