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Fight Back At Online Risks: Using iPhone Apps For Spying On Text Messages

It’s tough being a parent today, with all the mobile phones and technology to keep track of. Honestly, many parents have turned to software that allows them to spy on text messages. With all the distractions and online risks your child is exposed to, you might be thinking that you need help in keeping them away from dangers. Most of the time, these dangers arrive via text messages or private messaging apps. In general, at least 90% of teens are active in texting and instant messaging. That’s why it’s so crucial parents find a way to see who their child is communicating with on their mobile device. 

Feelings Regarding Texting and Other Messaging Apps

The initial goal of cell phones was to give children a way to contact their parents. Some parents consider the age and maturity level of the child before giving them a mobile phone. And most of the time, they set limits on social media, videos, and games, or they don’t allow them altogether. But there are other parents that allow the use of the less suitable apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat, Messenger, and other messaging apps.

It can be quite a harrowing experience for both the child and the parent when it comes time to agree on phone usage rules. The parents are thinking about what’s best for their child of course, hence the limitations on usage. The kids, on the other hand, will want to be like their friends at school and use the same messaging apps and social media sites they use. They want to be in with their crowd, participating in group messages on Facebook and other social media sites.

Starting The Journey Into Texting

For a lot of kids, when their parents allow them to use the iMessages feature in their iPhones, that’s basically the same as saying it’s okay to use other messaging apps as well. Compared to Snapchat and other apps that delete or erase their contents after a set amount of time, many parents feel that the SMS app on iPhones can be a good starting point since it doesn’t erase messages automatically. This gives parents a chance to check up on their kids’ texting behavior. Plus, it’s the message app that they use themselves every day and are most familiar with.

Introducing The iOS App

Most parents know that the iPhone’s Messages app can send and receive both iMessages and regular SMS text messages. When you see a blue chat bubble on received and sent messages, that means that the message format is iMessages. If the chat bubble is green, the message format is SMS. It is similar to most internet-based messaging apps that people use today because the iPhone messages app can also send videos and photos. You can also create a “group chat” thread in the app, enabling two or more people to see what the others are saying. It is a default app for every iOS mobile device, meaning you can’t uninstall the app. It can also be used on Mac computers, but for now, we will just focus on the app installed on iPads and iPhones. 

How Can You Best Monitor Your Kid’s Text Messages On iPhone?

The first time your child uses an iPhone’s messaging app, it can be a daunting task for you, as the parent, to choose a method to monitor your kid’s texts. The time-honored way is to ask for the device and scroll through the hundreds of messages. All that time, your child is waiting, impatiently I might add, to get the device back in their hands. The thing about it, however, is the more messages you have to sift through, the longer and more arduous the process is. It will also be more awkward for the child to just sit there and stare forlornly at you looking through their phone. 

To a person looking in from the outside, this could seem like you are putting your child on the spot. Meaning, other people might misunderstand what you are trying to do, thinking that you are simply not repressing your child’s freedom and invading her privacy. Your child may also feel very uncooperative about the whole thing, wanting to get away from you with their phone in tow. The point being, you don’t want to put your kid in a situation which may cause them to be embarrassed. . 

Looking To Monitoring Apps For Assistance

Avoiding this scenario is paramount in order for you to not destroy your relationship with your child. The best thing to do is to install a monitoring app on the iPhone. Top monitoring apps like Auto Forward and Highster Mobile can access the target iPhone even if the device is not in your line of sight. You will be able to access social media apps, look at how much time your child spends on the internet, and find out who they’re texting. However, you need your kid to be aware that you are installing the app and agree to the installation before you do it. There’s no reason for them not to agree, since it’s about their safety and security.

One other thing Auto Forward and Highster Mobile can do is they can give you the exact location of the phone. They can even send a notification that the phone’s location is outside a set radius from your device. These apps are very useful in monitoring your child with nobody but you and them knowing about it. That makes it comfortable for them and the remote access provides you with convenience. These apps are supported fully by iPads, iPhones, and the latest iOS operating systems. To find out about the other features of these apps and other top apps that we have reviewed, click the link https://safeguarde.com/ right now!