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In the early days, doing simple tasks such as finding someone online, were just imaginations. Finding someone you had not heard from in a long time was almost close to impossible. However, that has changed all thanks to public record search engines and phone number lookup search such as Kiwi Searches. Now people can easily reunite with their friends and loved ones that they lost track of for free. Most search engines that offer this service for free only require you to enter a name in the search box, press enter and a list comes up. Every day somewhere, someone is doing a public search for someone for various reasons bringing the need for public record search engines. One can also use this to check the amount of personal information about you is out there. This can help you limit what you want to be displayed to the public.


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To start your search, you could first try a phone book website. There you will be able to find someone based on the information you have. Some of these websites will allow you to view everyone in an entire state with the name you searched. This may take a lot of your time if you don’t have much info about that person. A phone book site is just like the one on your phone except it displays contacts of people who aren’t in your contact list.

The other way you can go about this is to create a social media account to do the search. These days almost everyone owns at least one social media account which makes these platforms a great place to reconnect with old friends while making new ones at the same time. Here you can either use their names or email addresses to look them up. Beware though that some may not exactly use their real names. In case you do find that person on social media, you may be able to view their contact number if it’s public, you may also be able to find their location on their profile. The use of limited search engines can also be of help if you have more than one description about the one you are looking for. These types of public record search engines and background checks let you enter information of that person like say name, put it in quotes then add something else like say somewhere in Ohio. This helps narrow down your search to people with those specific descriptions only.


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Other ways you can use to look for someone is to use public information. You can use this option if you know the name of the person and the country where they live but don’t have address. If the person you are looking for owns a home, a country assessor will help you find them easily. If this does not work, ask around. It may sound tiresome but this should even be the first option you use before you head online. A long lost schoolmate can be found by asking other former schoolmates that you schooled with. Through them you might just find a mutual friend that may have recently communicated with them.

Public record search engines and phone number lookup search usually collect all information that is out there about everyone and stores them in their database. Whenever you make a request about someone, they give you a list of possible results where you can choose from.  As you can see, there are a lot of public search methods you can use that are very efficient. Before you opt for paid methods, you should first give the above mentioned a chance first. Make sure that you use any relevant information that you think might come in handy towards finding them. Of all the various ways mentioned above on how you can get public records, it is worthwhile to consider the Kiwi Searches because it gives you the most favorable and reliable results.

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