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Awesome Fitness Apps You Need To Download Right Now!

Whenever I enlighten people on fitness apps, I ask them to picture entering a large gym and finding yourself with no one to guide you.

Finding the perfect fitness app and regularly using it might appear impossible. For instance, if you were asked to download a fitness app at this moment, where would you start?

These apps enable you to make your phone work for you. Your phone can be anything you want it to be: a fitness coach, a fitness diary, or an exercise tracker. Here are five apps that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Must-Download Fitness Apps



fitness apps
Get personalized delicious recipes with Yummly.


This app is ideal for your nutritional needs. A healthy diet is important to get the best results from your training program.

When you pick a diet (paleo, low carbohydrate, or high protein), you might end up tired of eating the same meals over and over. The app recommends personalized recipes so you can choose one that suits your diet. It also helps you create a grocery list. Yummly actually gives you a list of all the ingredients for each recipe, the time it will take to prepare each meal, and the amount of calories it contains.


fitness apps
Join the #FitTag community!


FitTag allows you to hang out with people who are into fitness. Rather than wasting time scrolling pointlessly on social media, you can use this app to check out what fitness activities other people are doing.

The app aims to create a visual platform for healthy activities happening everywhere in the world. It also features a 100-day fitness challenge where users are challenged to post pictures of a healthy moment.


fitness apps
Achieve your health goals with this fitness app.


This is a fitness app ideal for creating goals. Goals are important because they will help you remain motivated and consistent to your training program. It guides you on a journey towards achieving your goals.

To get started, choose something that you would like to improve on. For instance, you can choose to eat more vegetables. You will then have to set a reminder on the app and monitor your progress. Every goal you make is public and other Lift users can encourage you to sustain your goal motivation.

Gain Fitness

fitness app
Reach your fitness goals with this app!


Gain Fitness is ideal for all your workout needs. Do you want a personal trainer? Well, this app is just what you need! It will offer you customized training programs that will enable you to achieve your fitness goals. This program will keep progressing and you will never get bored. More importantly, you will see the results.


fitness apps
MapMyRun can track your workout stats.


This fitness app is ideal for cardiovascular exercises. It helps you monitor your progress and interact, compete, and make friends with a community of people.

This app is something like a cardio diary that features a GPS, time records, activities of each day, and calories burned. It will track your calorie burn and activities as you play your music or go about your daily duties. Additionally, MapMyRun is compatible with Fitbit.

These fitness apps will help you to finally get rid of the excuses you have always had against getting fit. You can also use more than one app to help you with your various fitness needs.

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