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I Found Out He Was Divorced Through Public Records Search Engine

Divorce is a painful experience, one of two souls that had been entwined being ripped apart. This is one of the experiences that victims do not like talking about or even admit. For some people, even after going through counseling, it is still difficult to talk about it.

But that does not mean that they should not tell you they are divorced especially if you have both planned to start a romantic relationship with them. What happens is that divorce leaves most people devastated, with a low self-esteem and a very bad outlook of intimate relationships. I met a man I connected with emotionally, and so did he. However, I had to know about his past love life. He was always uneasy when I mentioned the word divorce. When I asked him whether he had gone through divorce, he denied. However, according to his reaction, something was not adding up. I decided to find out what freaked him so much about divorce. So, using a free background checks online I found out he was divorced at one time.


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Getting detailed information on divorce required me to pay a fee, but that was ok by me, you know, anything to get to know what I needed to know. I mean, I needed the truth so money was not more important than the truth. The fee depends on the search engine that one uses and the amount of information required. However, if all that a person needs to know is whether the record exists, the service is free. However, for me I needed more than that.

I had to know the following facts in order to get information on my man’s divorce experience:

  1. State in which the divorce occurred

With both of his names, I was able to know the conditions under which the divorce happened. This way, I was able to understand the depth of the issue and its effect on him whenever I mentioned anything about divorce. This helped me a lot in finding a better way of handling him whenever he reacted. I knew how to calm him down whenever he was low. Knowledge is power. Unless you know the reasons behind a given behavior, one cannot know how to handle the character.

  1. County where the papers were filed

He never opened about his divorce. I had to use my own ways to figure out where he filed the divorce papers. This enabled me narrow my search, which made finding information such an easy task, although a bit disheartening to find out the bitter truth. No matter how ready you think you are, you can never be 100% prepared for the sad truth, and especially when it comes to divorce matters, you know that is quite something else.


Documents Filed A-Z



  1. Date of issue of the divorce

There is a way a woman finds information from a man without him saying it directly. Through our normal talks, I figured out the date of issue of the divorce. This again helped me get more information on his worst day in life. A criminal background search helped me with this.

  1. His current or previous address
  2. This assisted in ensuring I had as little data as possible to look at. The proximity is all I needed to verify the occurrence of the divorce.



  1. Date of birth

This is quite obvious; I mean his birthday is on my fingertips. It helped me have an easy time filling in the pre-requisite gaps on the search engine I was employing. Again, it narrowed my search.

One thing to note however is that some information is sealed (one cannot access) if the divorce involved physical or sexual abuse of children. This is sensitive information that cannot be made available to the public. Children are protected by the law. If you want to find further information about the adults, you can by using a find name from phone number.




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