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12 Funny Craigslist Ads You Won’t Believe!


The internet can be a crazy place, and that includes Craigslist. Countless things are sold on the site from furniture, to food. Over the years, the site has established the reputation of its users selling weird items or having funny listings to get attention. Below, we’ve listed 12 funny Craigslist ads you won’t believe!

1. Giddy Up?

funny craigslist ads

I’ve never seen a saddle like that before! Oh wait, it’s just a white chair. Did the person listing this really think they were going to fool people?

2. Stocks And A Stripper Pole

funny craigslist ads

Two for the price for one! This funny Craigslist ad is offering stocks (a form of imprisonment from the 1500s to mid-1700s) and a stripper pole. What was this person thinking to offer both items in one ad?

3. Become A Hamster!

funny craigslist ads

Ever had the desire to feel like you were a hamster going round-and-round on a wheel? Well, this Craigslist ad was offering a human-sized hamster wheel for FREE! It’s funny how desperate the person is to get rid of it.

4. Did You Say Pancakes?

funny craigslist ads

Honestly, anyone will do anything in exchange for food. This hilarious and ingenious ad asks if anyone would like to clean their cat litter in exchange for pancakes. If this person can make pancakes, they certainly can clean their own cat little or just buy a new, clean one.

5. “Some Wear”

funny craigslist ads

This is a perfect example of someone who was clearly joking. The ad says “some wear”, when clearly the stuffing is coming out of the couch. With that being said, this couch is absolutely not worth $250.

6. Belly Button Lint

funny craigslist ads

The fact that this ad is a clear joke makes it one of the funniest Craigslist ads. Who in their right mind would sell, or buy belly button lint? After reading that ad, I just want to sanitize my hands 20 times.

7. Do You Know How To Cut Cake?

funny craigslist ads

Now, the offer of eaten coffee cake isn’t the funniest part of this ad. It’s the fact that the person clearly cut the cake incorrectly. How could this person not know how to cut a slice of cake?

8. Cheating Husband

funny craigslist ads

This wife tells the whole story of her cheating husband in this funny Craigslist ad. Because her husband will not stop fooling around with his mistress, she’s selling his truck that can’t accommodate her family. This is a great way to get back at a husband who’s cheating.

9. Who’s Going To Tell Her?

funny craigslist ads

This has to be one of the funniest Craiglist ads I came across. This woman clearly doesn’t know what this “bracelet” actually is. Plus, it’s hilarious that her son is too afraid to tell her. The situation gets hilariously worse when she lists all of the things it could be.

10. Real-Life Elf on the Shelf

funny craigslist ads

This ad is actually more awesome than funny. Having a real Elf on the Shelf would be great for any holiday party, or as a hilarious surprise for a friend.

11. Gotta Catch Em’ All

funny craigslist ads

If you love Pokémon, then you’ll find this ad funny. I appreciate all of the detail in the ad, especially since it’s clearly a joke.

12. Can You Say, Hard Feelings Much?

funny craigslist ads

Clearly, this woman is done with her ex and her wedding dress. In her defense, the best way to get over a huge breakup is to get rid of things that remind you of the other person.


What do you think of these funny Craigslist ads? Remember, whenever you’re looking to purchase something on Craigslist, make sure to do a background search on the seller.

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