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GPS and The Ability to Spy on Text Messages Provides A Sense of Security

Knowing where someone is can give you a sense of security and relaxation. Knowing your employees are where they are supposed to help you be sure that time is not being wasted, money is being made and customers are happy. Knowing that your teen is at school, at practice, or at the movie theatre makes a parent breath a little easier. Knowing your spouse is on his way home, at the store or picking up the laundry can calm a suspicious and restless mind. Having the ability to spy on text messages is great, but being able to physically see where the phone is and how it is traveling is something totally different. Text messages can be explained, deleted (although when using Auto-Forward’s feature to spy on text messages, even deleted messages can be seen) and misunderstood. There can be some gray area when it comes to deciphering questionable texts. However, seeing the exact physical location in real time, and being able to track its movement in five-minute intervals cannot be disputed or argued. The phone was either where it was supposed to be, or it wasn’t, high tech GPS and satellites don’t lie.

Auto-Forward can be downloaded to a phone in just a few minutes, and when people are using it to track other people, the ability to use the program in stealth mode is imperative. The user, no matter how tech-savvy they are, will not know the software is on their phone, and will not know their location is being tracked.

Many parents use this feature to ensure their “new-behind-the-wheel” teen drivers get to and from their destination safely. They also use it to ensure that when their children tell them they are going to the library, they are ACTUALLY going to the library. Most parents know the heart-wrenching feeling that comes with not being able to reach their child, but quickly logging in and checking the GPS will help them figure out where their child is and why they aren’t answering the phone.

Businesses that do most of their work out on the road, sending techs and representatives to specific locations benefit from the GPS feature tremendously. Even if companies don’t use the software to spy on text messages, they can learn a lot about their employees by watching where they go, how long it takes to get there, how long they stay and if they make any stops along the way. In business, time is money, and tracking the location of employees with a target phone helps companies monitor activities that waste precious company time.

This feature also helps when the target phone is lost. Used along with the phone-locking feature, this software allows you to track a phone that has been stolen and improves your chances of retrieving it. Sometimes phones go missing because of user error, and a quick check of the GPS can jog your reminder and guide you back to the cashier at the grocery store, gas station or friend’s house where you just put your phone down “for a second.”

There are dozens of features that can help ensure proper use of the target phone, and GPS is one of the most popular and most effective ways to make sure the privilege of a phone is not being abused.