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GPS Phone Tracker – Why Your Employees Should Know about It

If you own a company, and you’re seriously considering installing a GPS phone tracker on your employees’ company phones, it’s often better to let your workers know about it. Many employers using GPS management systems usually monitor their employees secretly, fearing that their workers will go against such a policy in the workplace. While not all your people will agree to being tracked or monitored when at work, explaining to them why it’s necessary will help them better understand its benefits.

Be Honest about the Tracking System

First and foremost, you have to be honest to your employees about your plans of monitoring their cell phones. This way, it will be easier for you to gain their trust. According to studies, good employees have no issues with accountability. As a matter of fact, they welcome it because it is what can set them apart from their co-workers who are less productive. Also, those who resist the use of free cell phone tracker as a means of employee monitoring are the ones who are less likely to improve in terms of efficiency and productivity.

You should also expect some employees to be skeptical of what you’re trying to do. This shouldn’t surprise you, however, because it’s common for many people to have unrealistic attitudes towards change. But as an employer, you need to maintain your stand especially in terms of the importance of change and how it can improve the performance of your employees and the organization as a whole.

Make Your Employees Understand How GPS Phone Tracking Work

Before you officially implement the cell phone tracking policy among your employees, do not forget to explain to them thoroughly what it is and how it works. You can’t just assume that they know it and thus will accept it.

Basically, they need to understand that it’s a vital part of improving workplace efficiency and productivity. Let them know that when you track a phone, you won’t be tracking their personal phones. Instead, you will be installing the cell phone spy software on their company-issued mobile phones.

Employees also need to know what will be monitored. If you are using Auto Forward, the basic monitoring features include SMS and email tracking; call recording; and GPS tracking. This means that all text messages sent and received on their phones will be available for you for viewing. You can also listen to the recorded phone calls, and you will also have access to the phone book of the device. And of course, the GPS tracking feature allows you to locate the device in real-time.


There’s no doubt that using a GPS phone tracker on your employees’ phones will benefit you in the long run. But for your employees to get well acquainted with this system, it’s recommended that you be forthright about it and allow them to understand why it’s a necessary move on your part.

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