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Guide To Getting The Best Monitoring Software For Cell Phones

Cell phones may have become physically smaller and slimmer, but the features and functionalities have become more powerful. Nowadays, these gadgets are no longer just for texting or calling. Ever since manufacturers found a way to make the internet accessible from these tiny devices, the things phone users can do are limitless.

Aside from newer cell phone brands and models, more and more phone applications become available for iOS and Android devices – from messaging apps to games to security tools. One of the most commonly installed apps are phone monitoring software programs. If you haven’t heard of this technology yet, or if you’re planning to avail of one, read on.


Monitoring Software: What Is It and Why You Need One

Monitoring software is programmed for surveillance purposes, and racking and recording activities, interactions, and processes. It’s usually installed as a security and monitoring tool for a specific device, a larger network, or an overall system. It often functions in stealth mode, processing data remotely without interrupting other installed and/or running applications and programs.

A phone monitoring software program is specifically designed for Android phones and iPhones. Depending on the brand and the package, it offers several cool features that aim to monitor and track cell phone activities in real-time. All these features ensure the safety and security of the device and the user alike. 

Below are the most common reasons people utilize such software.

Employee Monitoring

Employers usually rely on spy software programs to guarantee that all company-issued devices are used accordingly. Also, through such apps, employers can monitor employees’ key performance indicators (KPI), and use this information to drive optimal performance and productivity. 

Employee monitoring is considered legal provided that the employees are aware that they’re being monitored and that they only use it on company-issued devices and/or within the company facilities.

Child Monitoring

With the rising rates of cybercrimes involving children, more and more parents are installing monitoring software on their kids’ iPhones or Android phones. By using this technology, they could better monitor and correct their kids’ behaviors in the virtual world, and protect them.

Furthermore, most monitoring apps come with various parental controls, including web filters and screen time settings. Using monitoring software and parental controls, parents can ensure their children’s’ safety and security while using their phone. 

Spouse Monitoring

A spy app is also utilized by spouses especially when they have intuitions that their partners are cheating on them. By checking on messages, call logs, and social media activities, they could gather proof that their spouses are lying to them.

If you plan on using this app on your partner, be sure that you proceed with caution. Of course, you wouldn’t want to intrude on their privacy which might lead to breaking up. After all, relationships are more likely to last when built on trust and respect.


Monitoring Software: How To Choose The Best Option For You

There’s a seemingly endless list of monitoring apps that you can choose from like Highster Mobile, and we know it can be quite challenging. To assist you, we’ve prepared the following questions that you should ask to ensure you end up availing of the monitoring software that best suits your wants and needs.

What’s my ultimate goal of purchasing one?

The first thing you have to determine is your end-goal. Why do you wish to avail of a monitoring app in the first place? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to see?

By identifying your goals, you’ll be guided to which features you must prioritize. While most applications monitor similar activities such as call logs, text messages, media files, web history, and social media accounts, be sure that you get the package that offers all the basic things you need. If you’re an entrepreneur who handles package deliveries, for instance, and you wish to track the locations of your employees, be sure to choose a monitoring app that offers GPS location or geofencing feature.

Moreover, you have to identify your target device as there are monitoring apps that are only compatible to certain device brands, model versions, or system processors.

What features could be beneficial for me? 

Aside from the basic surveillance features, checking out the extras or add-ons wouldn’t hurt. Other features of monitoring apps usually include automatic reports generation, screen time limitation, stealth camera access, remote phone lock/unlock, content filters, and the like.

A monitoring software program is typically offered in different packages. Depending on what data you wish to acquire from your target phone, you can choose from several pre-arranged offers. After ensuring that the one you avail of offers the feature you need or want the most, you may then proceed looking at the other inclusive functionalities. 

Additionally, it’s best to avail of the package that has guaranteed access to upgrades and updates, and premium access to customer service in case you encounter issues later on.

What’s my level of tech-savviness?

Since we’ve just recently fully embraced technology, more kids are even tech-savvier than adults, especially those in their 50s. Nevertheless, not being a millennial shouldn’t hinder you from utilizing a phone monitoring software program.

If you’re not much of a techie person, several programs offer simplified versions of their apps. In fact, regardless of your current level of tech-savviness, you must go for an app with a control panel and interface that is as simple as possible. While the codes needed to run the app and monitor phone activity could be complicated, these should not reflect on the server’s general interface.

Automatic generation of reports, per se, could provide you a smoother monitoring experience compared to being required to manually generate and analyze data. The lesser the hassle, the better. 

What package deal is most suitable for me?

In most cases, the more features a spy app offers, the more expensive its price is. The amount you pay, however, doesn’t guarantee that you’re availing of the best one. In the same way, a cheap monitoring app doesn’t necessarily mean a great deal.

Instead of solely focusing on the price, consider which app could give you the best value for your money. This is why choosing one that offers the features you want or need the most is vital. You have to weigh in the functionalities and everything that’s included on the package.

Furthermore, in most cases, a relatively expensive one-time payment is more ideal than a cheaper monthly fee. This is specifically true in apps that offer lifetime ownership inclusive of software upgrades, considering the long-term license of being able to monitor activities on your target device – from browser history to social media activities.

Whatever your purpose is for monitoring a cell phone, you have to always proceed with caution. Take time to learn any implemented laws in your state/country. Moreover, you do not necessarily need to buy the most famous app in the market; rather, choose one that best suits your wants and needs. 

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