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how to hack someone's Facebook

How To Hack Someone’s Facebook Messages

The most effective way of hacking someone’s Facebook account is by using a cell phone spy app that can be bought online. As long as they have the Facebook app installed on their phone, it is possible to access all account info. The process is actually very simple and can be done by anyone who has a basic knowledge of using a cell phone.

There are many Facebook hacking and spy apps on the market. One such app, that does not require having the person’s phone in your possession to view Facebook activities is Auto Forward Spy. Auto Forward Spy can capture Messenger communication, posts, friends list, likes, shares, and Facebook Groups.

There was an interesting story published not too long ago about a woman whose ex-boyfriend used a spy app to secretly gain access to all of her Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter messages. This app which he bought for $29, was able to remotely access not only her social media messages, but also her text messages, GPS location, photos, and virtually everything else residing on her phone. However, using a spy or monitoring app on your girlfriend or boyfriend’s device without permission is illegal. 

Hacking Facebook messages and other social media app messages has become quite popular in recent years, and will likely gain in popularity so long as people use these apps for surreptitious activities.

How To See Someone’s Facebook Messages

how to hack someone's Facebook

Now, here’s the part you’ve been waiting for. Listed below are some of the most effective ways to hack a person’s Facebook Messenger.

1. How To Hack Someone’s Facebook Using “Reset The Password”

You can gain access to a Facebook account by resetting the password. However, you’ll need access to the person’s email address or phone that’s associated with their account.

Follow these steps to reset their Facebook password:

    • Step 1: Go to Facebook on a cell phone, tablet, or computer.
      (*Note: It may help to be on the account owner’s device if possible.)
    • Step 2: Click “Forgot Password?”
    • Step 3: Enter the account owner’s phone number, email, or name to find their account.
    • Step 4: Choose the contact option you have access to.
    • Step 5: Follow Facebook’s instructions and reset the account password.
    • Step 6: View the account’s Facebook Messenger from your own device.

2. How To Use A Keylogger To Access Messenger

Downloading a keylogger file or app can help you see a device’s keystrokes. By using this, you’ll know the person’s Facebook login information which you can use to access their account and messages. For more information on what a keylogger can do, click here.

3. Spy Apps: The Best Method For Hacking Someone’s Facebook Without Them Knowing

The best method for accessing a person’s Facebook needs to be easy, efficient, and with little effort. So, what’s the best method for hacking Facebook? Cell Phone Spy Apps. With it, you would be able to hack Messenger and see a person’s chats, images, videos, GIFs, and calls. In addition to hacking Facebook, this type of app can be used to track all cell phone activities and social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.  


How To Use Spy Apps

how to hack someone's Facebook

1. Choose The Best Spy App For You

There are multiple Android and iPhone spy apps on the market to choose from, each with different features. Before purchasing, make sure the app meets your needs. To help you choose, we have listed the top 3 spy apps at the end of this article!

2. Download and Install The Application

Follow the instructions provided by the product company and install the application. Instructions may differ depending on the product and if the target phone is an iPhone or Android device.

3. Sign Into Your Account

Sign into your spy app account to access your control panel/dashboard on your cell phone, computer, or tablet. Once there, you’ll be able to view a person’s Facebook and Messenger activities. You can see all of their chats, posts, photos, videos, comments, etc. Your spy software dashboard is accessible anytime, anywhere, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Facebook Spy App Features

With spy software, you can access the following on Facebook:

    • Facebook posts, likes, shares, comments, photos, and videos.
    • Messenger chats.
    • Timestamps of all Facebook content and chats.
    • View their Facebook friends.  

Additional Uses Of Facebook Spy Software:

    • View their cell phone call log.
    • Spy on text messages and their content.
    • See photos and videos taken on the smartphone.
    • Access other private messaging apps like Kik and WhatsApp.
    • Review what they’re searching online.
    • Locate the cell phone’s real-time location.


Top 3 Spy Apps For Hacking Someone’s Facebook Messages

Since using a spy app is the BEST method for gaining access to Messenger, we have listed below the 3 best ones on the market!

#1 – Auto Forward

This spy app is an overall great product for spying on all cell phone activities, including Facebook messages. With Auto Forward, you can view a phone’s text messages, emails, apps, call log, photo, videos, and more all without having possession of the phone (after installation).

It’s amazing the number of things you can track on a smartphone with this product! Auto Forward stands out from the rest since it allows you to remotely access the target device without the person knowing. Remote access is especially useful for those spying on their partner or employee. Plus, this spy app is compatible with the latest iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Google Pixel, LG, and Motorola phone versions.

#2 – Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is regarded as the best spy software program for iPhones. Since iPhones are usually more difficult to monitor, Highster Mobile has been laser-focused iPhones alone. It works very well on Androids, but its true strength is iPhone spying.

Facebook activity is especially difficult on an iPhone since Apple encrypts all data. Highster Mobile easily decrypts all Facebook data (messages, posts, likes, shares, etc.) and makes it available to you.

#3 – PhoneSpector

PhoneSpector is also very good software for monitoring all Facebook and Messenger activities. It’s compatible with the latest Android and iPhone operating systems and phone models like the iPhone 11. It’s really simple to use and fast at getting the information you need. This product goes beyond just monitoring Facebook by allowing you to monitor other social media platforms and all cell phone activities. Plus, it’s affordable and only requires a one-time payment (no monthly fees.)


Why You May Want To Spy On Facebook Messages

how to hack someone's Facebook

Facebook Messenger has made it easier for friends and family to communicate across the world. No longer do people have to use snail mail to get in touch with loved ones. Below, are some 2019 statistics about Messenger you should be aware of.

    • More than 1.3 billion people use Messenger every month.
    • 410 users video chat every month. 
    • 20 billion messages are sent by people and businesses every month. 
    • 17 billion photos are sent by Facebook users every month. 

Based on these statistics, people use Facebook Messenger on a daily basis to make calls and exchange private photos, videos, and messages. With the amount of information being shared via Messenger, it may be necessary for you to monitor your spouse, child, or employee. 


The Top 3 Reasons Why You Would Need To Monitor A Facebook Account:  

    • To Protect Your Business’s Confidential Data: In competitive industries, it’s essential for a business to keep their information private and secure. Employees may attempt to steal your data and sell/give it to your competitors via Facebook Messenger. That’s why it’s highly important to keep an eye on your business data.
    • To Keep Your Child Safe: On Facebook, there are criminals and sexual predators that prey on innocent and naive kids. Often, they contact them through a friend request or Messenger chat. Also, cyberbullying is a common issue among kids and teens on Facebook which parents need to watch out for. By spying on their messages, you can protect them from the threats on Facebook. 
    • You’re Having Relationship Issues: The typical problems that could arise in relationships include infidelity, lying, or being too secretive. Using a spy app to hack your partner’s Facebook messages could help you figure out what’s going on. For example, finding sexts on Messenger and seeing that your husband is cheating on you.


Out of the three methods of hacking Facebook accounts listed above, which one will you choose? Remember, using a spy app to gain access to Messenger is the best and most effective one. It’s easy to install and convenient for viewing Facebook and other cell phone content. If you have any questions regarding how to hack someone’s Facebook messages, feel free to ask us!

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