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Hero Searches: A background tool?

The capacity to do background searches used to be accessible to a few individuals as well as large corporations but this trend has changed drastically in the last couple of years. Vast databases have become increasingly available to anyone interested in running a background search. There are many search engines to choose from in this regard but Hero Searches sets itself ahead of the rest.

Take the average landlord for example. A few years ago, a landlord had no way of finding details about potential tenants. This is no longer the case as a quick online background check can give a landlord enough information to decide whether or not to allow a tenant onto their property. Of course, the law requires that the tenant must sign a document allowing such a background check to be conducted.

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Tenant History

Before allowing a tenant into an apartment, it is important to know information about their rental history, records of bankruptcy, evictions or even criminal activity. This is not only in the interest of the landlord but also the security of other occupants of the apartment. It is however, important to note that a tenant will only be denied access into an apartment if the background check reveals grievous offenses.

So what kind of check will the landlord conduct?

Criminal History

This, as earlier mentioned, is done in the interest of the residents of the apartment. It is the responsibility the authority in charge – care taker, real estate manager, landlord etc. to ensure that the tenant being admitted does not pause any threat the rest of the community. You don’t to unleash a drunkard on a in the neighborhood who will go about starting fights causing public disturbance. Tenants may get away with speeding tickets but records of vandalism, arson or prostitution are enough to be denied entry.

Background searches in the past would normally take days to complete and as such it was unfavorable for business. This, of course, is no longer the case. This has been made especially easy with the increased accessibility and availability of large amounts of organized data. A criminal record search, for instance, yields the needed results in a matter of minutes and the apartment can be rented out quicker.

A background search is not necessarily bad news for a tenant. It means that all tenants in the apartment have undergone the same check. It is, therefore, an assurance of safety within that neighborhood.

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Credit Report

Details information on income is key when filing an application your application for an apartment. This is useful in determining the tenant’s ability to pay rent in time. The landlord will also carry out a credit check to provide additional information on a tenant’s capacity clear arrears or possession of assets that can be used to do so should the need arise. It generally reveals a tenant’s capacity to shoulder any financial responsibilities that relate to the apartment. The discovery of records of bankruptcy would obviously be grounds to deny a tenant entry. All this information is available, just use a reverse cell phone number lookup with name.


The tenant should be able to provide at least two references who can be contacted to attest to the reliability of the tenant. The landlord can go beyond merely calling the given referees. Additional information about the referees can be obtained from Hero Searches.

To the Tenant

The use of Hero Searches is not limited to the landlord. A tenant can also dig out information about the property owners. The last thing you want to do is move into a property that is on the verge of foreclosure. Hero Searches is thus useful to both the landlord and tenant.

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