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Heroin’s Big Comeback

Heroin…it’s making a big comeback. And just like the bad times of the early 1970s, the newspapers are full of stories about overdoses, tragic deaths, and ineffectual governmental handwringing about what to do to combat this silent killer. Theweek.com reported that “it’s become a dirt-cheap alternative to the prescription opiates abused by millions of Americans. With a dose of heroin now selling for as little as $5 to $10, about 669,000 people admitted using heroin in 2012, almost double the number in 2007, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health.”

The causes of the drug’s resurgence in the United States are not entirely clear, but it is likely a combined effect of several contributing factors. Some pundits cite a crackdown on the availability of prescription opiates like Oxycontin, Vicodin and Percocet. In the absence of pharmaceutical grade drugs, addicts are turning to cheaper and more-available street heroin to feed their habits. Another suspected factor is the return of military personnel from the opium cultivation regions of Afghanistan, where young Americans have been exposed to opium-based drug producers since the U.S. invasion nearly fifteen years ago.

And heroin’s new popularity may also be a product of the passing of time. When we think about the “war on drugs” and the American drug culture of the 1980s, 1990s and since 2000, we think mostly of cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, and designer synthetic drugs like ecstasy.

So in 2015, drug users encounter heroin as a drug without a lot of stigma. Heroin was long considered a “bad” drug and a known killer in the 1960s and 1970s. Even those in the counterculture who consumed prodigious quantities of other illegal drugs turned away from heroin and it fell out of favor.

But those with direct experience watching heroin snuff out young lives are old or dead and unavailable to connect with younger drug users to warn them of heroin’s dangers.

Whatever the contributing factors, Heroin is out there on American streets right now, and it’s dangerous. Heroin has always been extraordinarily addictive, but in 2015, heroin is stronger than ever, and this highly-pure narcotic is commonly available and cheaper than ever.

Some media outlets are even calling America’s growing heroin problem an epidemic. Heroin abuse is a fast-growing health issue, and one that is garnering a lot of attention due to the rash of deaths in overdose victims. In some American cities, overdose deaths are happening every weekend, sometimes daily.

For too many families, their first brush with the growing menace of heroin is when a loved one suffers an overdose.  Troubled addicts, experimenting youths, and even first time users dabbling with heroin can all end up in the morgue, their loved ones left to try and sort out what happened and what they could have done differently.

When trying to think of ways to keep their children safe from the menace of heroin and other dangerous drugs, some parents are turning to electronic means to keep track of a child’s activities and location. Outside of an ankle-bracelet mandated by a court, a dedicated cell phone monitoring software package may offer the best means possible to keep track of a child’s activities.

Modern cell phone tracking technology can be installed by parents on their minor children’s cell phones and can give the parents insight into everything the child does when away from home. The software creates a log of all kinds of information from the child’s phone including it location, logged every few minutes, the telephone numbers called and calling to the phone and the calls’ duration, the senders and recipients of text messages, as well as their content, and the content and email addresses sending and receiving every email that comes through the protected phone.

By giving parents a valuable series of insights, cell phone monitoring software like Autoforward can provide an early warning that their children are exhibiting dangerous patterns of behavior, associating with unsavory people, visiting unsafe areas or discussing illegal activities using their phones. Although no one tool can keep kids completely safe, the insights provided by monitoring software can mean an opportunity to save the life of a young person. What could be a better use of technology than that?

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