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Hack Facebook Messages With A Spy App

The easiest and most effective way to view someone’s Facebook messages is by using a cell phone spy app. One program we found actually lets you remotely connect to another phone over the internet and extract Facebook messages. Other information such as a phone’s texts, call log, photos, videos, and GPS location can be extracted as well.

As crazy and intrusive as it may sound, this type of thing is possible. A woman, who’s name was asked to not be mentioned (we’ll call her Jane), came to us with a shocking story and asked for our help investigating. This sounded way too creepy, so of course, we said yes.

Jane thought it strange when she was continuously contacted by her ex-boyfriend with whom she was no longer friends with on Facebook. She couldn’t figure out how he knew who she was chatting with and what she she saying. It turns out that Jane’s ex was getting an exact copy of every Facebook message that was sent and received from her Facebook account. Her ex was able to see her posts, instant messages, images sent within the IM’s and virtually everything else she did all without having possession of her phone and he did all with an app he bought for only $29 bucks!

The app he used is called Highster Mobile and is developed and marketed by The Powerline Group Inc., a US based company that specializes in security apps for businesses and agencies. The app has been downloaded more than one million times and boasts a user base well into the hundreds of thousands. That’s astonishing!

In addition to gathering Facebook messages, Highster Mobile will also gather text messages, record all calls and log GPS location. It will also collect photos, videos, emails and much more from the phone being spied on.

Now to the best part! Here is the step-by-step process of how I used Highster Mobile to Facebook message spy.

How To Hack Facebook Messages With Highster Mobile

how to hack someone's Facebook
Whose Facebook Messages Do You Want To View?


Step 1: Go To Your Control Panel

All of the information Highster Mobile gathers, including Facebook messages, can be accessed and viewed on your spy software control panel. After installation, the software remotely connects to the target cell phone and the Facebook messages are uploaded to your panel. The Highster Mobile panel is user-friendly with an easy to read format and colored tiles.

Step 2: Go To The Blue Facebook Tile

On the Highster Mobile control panel, there is a blue colored title specifically for viewing Facebook activity and messages. All you have to do is click “View Now” on it, and the Facebook message threads from the target phone will be listed on the left.

Step 3: View Facebook Message Threads

If you want to view specific Facebook message threads, you just have to click on the thread. It may take some time to load depending on the number of messages within the thread. Once opened, all sent (in gray) and received (in green) individual messages will appear along with the date and time of each. Shared content messages from Facebook will also appear.

As you can tell by the step-by-step process above, it’s really easy to use Highster Mobile to view Facebook messages. You get access to someone’s Facebook activities and messages via a user-friendly control panel. Who could ask for anything more? I highly recommend this product for anyone who’s looking to Facebook message spy on someone.



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