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Highster Mobile Review

Highster Mobile Review

*This review has been updated on May 29, 2017 to reflect the most recent changes in Android and iPhone software that is mentioned in this review.

THE GOOD – No iCloud Locking! Works with all iPhones and iPads. The best No-Jailbreak program of any spy app I have tested. No access needed! Fast and powerful.

THE BAD – Doesn’t have the prettiest User Panel, but who cares? The darn thing gets the info you need!

THE BOTTOM LINE – Advanced design and structure make it reliable and simple. With no monthly fees and live telephone support, you won’t have any frustration.


Highster Mobile reviewHighster Mobile has been on the market for over 8 years and has helped hundreds of thousands of people spy on cell phones. This program can easily gather text messages (old and deleted), calls, GPS location, web browser history, photos, videos, and just about anything else that resides on the cell phone. Highster Mobile does this by scouring the memory of the phone, as well as all folders and file structures, and uploads the data to your secure online account.

You do not need to have the phone you are spying on in your possession to see information from that phone. Everything is accessible right from your own cell phone, tablet, or computer. All you need is an internet connection and you’re set!




Highster Mobile for iPhone 

After having their database hacked by Russians, Apple took some rather severe steps to protect the data in their iCloud system. This rendered every no jailbreak system of spyware companies useless. That is until the engineers at Highster Mobile figured out how to access it without getting locked out.

Right now Highster Mobile is the only no jailbreak system that I know of, that does not cause the accessed iCloud to get locked. I used it on 3 different devices for a total of 4 months and did not get locked out once! During that time it extracted data from the monitored iCloud accounts flawlessly and on schedule (I had mine set to retrieve info every 6 hours, but you can change yours to whatever setting you need.)

Highster Mobile excels mostly at spying on iPhones and Apple devices. You do not need to have access to the device you are spying on. Highster Mobile will access the iCloud account of the device and retrieve; Text messages, calls, GPS location and history, Facebook, Twitter, photos, videos, and more! All data is collected and stored in your secure online account. You can login to view the information anytime from anywhere. All you need is an internet connection. Data extracted from the target phone can also be viewed directly from your own cell phone.

  • Supported Apple devices: iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 plus, 6, 6 plus, 5, 5 plus, 5s, and 5c
  • Supported iOS – All iOS are supported


Highster Mobile for Android

Yes, Highster Mobile is a top performer for the iPhone, but it also works fantastically with Android devices. In fact, it works better than every other spy app I’ve encountered. The software works seamlessly with Android’s operating system—making it incredibly easy for anyone to monitor any targeted Android device.

This is welcome news for employers who provide their employees with Android phones for business. Highster Mobile gives them direct access to those devices so that they can make sure that everyone is doing their job and not messing around. It’s also a huge relief for parents who can’t afford the more expensive iPhone for every member of their family. Moms and dads can put Highster Mobile on their kids’ Android phones to see if they are safe and sound when they’re out and about … as well as indoors. It lets parents know if their loved ones are doing something inappropriate like sexting someone, experimenting with drugs, or taking nude selfies or if they are being targeted by bullies, sexual predators, gang members, etc.

Highster Mobile is easy to install and so simple to use that it’s no wonder why so many people trust it for monitoring everyone in their care. It’s always reliable and completely undetectable—making it the perfect spy program for everyone who needs it. And believe me, in this world, everyone needs it.




How it Works


Highster Mobile Installation is Easy and Simple!


There are three basic steps to activating the program. They are;

  1. Download the app using the OTA (over-the-air) link provided.
  2. Enter your license key (provided) and the telephone number of the phone you want to spy on.
  3. Log into your account from your cell phone, tablet or computer to see info from the phone.

It doesn’t get any easier than that! The entire process takes about two to three minutes. Data from the monitored phone will start to upload almost immediately. When I tested on my device it only took about 5-10 minutes for the data to appear. I got texts, calls, photos, Facebook messages, Twitter posts and a whole bunch more. It pretty much got everything there was to get. Very impressive, I must say.

It is important to note that Highster Mobile can also extract old and deleted text messages (and iMessages) from a cell phone


Features and Benefits of Highster Mobile:


  1. Text messages: Every text message that is sent or received from the target phone can be captured and displayed for you. You will be able to see the exact message exactly as it appeared on the target phone 1% received. You’ll also be able to see the telephone number that sent the message or the telephone number from which the message was sent in addition to the date and time of that message.
  2. iMessages: For iPhones and iPads, the program will extract every message that is sent or received. This function works exactly the same as the text message function in that it will extract old and deleted text messages from an iPhone or iPad. It will also provide you with the exact message that was sent received and the date and time of the message.
  3. Calls: You be able to see exactly which telephone number called over which number was dialed from the target phone in addition to the date and time and duration of the call. All call logs are neatly displayed in your control panel so you can see which call came in at what time.
  4. GPS location: The GPS tracking system of Highster Mobile will track the phone to within 50 feet of its actual location. The location of the phone will be displayed for you on a Google map which will be indicated by a pushpin. GPS coordinates are uploaded every 10 minutes by default. You can also send a remote SMS command and manually upload the GPS coordinates at any given point in time.
  5. Social media: Highster Mobile displays for you every social media message that is sent and received from a person’s account. Accounts include; Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and all other social media platforms.
  6. Photos: All photos, new, deleted, and old, will be displayed for you in your online control panel. As with all other information gathered by Highster Mobile, you will be able to see all this information on your cell phone or any mobile device that has a Wi-Fi connection.
  7. Videos: Videos that are recorded on the target phone will be uploaded to your online control panel where they can be viewed by you at any time.
  8. Browser history: Anytime a person browses the Internet using the web browser on their cell phone, you will be able to see every website that was visited.
  9. Profanity alerts: From a predetermined list, you can see when a certain term, phrase, or word has been searched for on the target phone. For example; If someone searches for “pregnancy” on the target device, you will be notified that a search containing that phrase was executed on the target device.


highster mobile review
Highster Mobile Control Center Communication Logs


Customer Support

Customer support is an extremely important feature when you’re buying this type of software. I can almost guarantee that at some point you will need to ask a question regarding the installation or operation of the software. It is extremely helpful when you have LIVE people answering the telephones as Highster Mobile does. After I bought the product I called their 800-number just to see if someone would answer, as this is what they advertise. When I called a live person answered the phone and was very helpful to answer all my questions and resolve whatever issues I had. This alone makes Highster Mobile my top choice.


With a price tag of only $69.99 with no monthly fees and no additional costs, you will be hard-pressed to find a better deal.


Combined with its ease-of-use, superior functionality, exceptional customer support and inexpensive price, Highster Mobile is my top choice for cell phone spy programs. From the installation and operation to everything in between, I found no problems with this program and would absolutely recommend it to any friend.

Visit their website: www.highstermobile.com




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