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Mobile phone tracking helps prevent dangerous summer driving

How a Software To Spy On A Cell Phone Can Prevent Dangerous Summer Driving

The Memorial Day holiday weekend is over, and the warm weather is settling in. People are generally more lax in the summer, and that usually applies to staying out late and celebrating. Driving habits in the summer hold some particularly scary statistics. And if you’re the parent of a teen, you worry about your teens on the road. How can a mobile cell phone spy application help cut down on summer driving fatalities? We usually think of unsafe driving during inclement winter weather, but according to an esurance.com article, there are several key factors that contribute to dangerous summer driving:

On the surface, driving through a summer heat wave seems quite serene compared to a winter whiteout. But according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), July actually had the highest number of fatal car accidents of any month in 2012, with 3,126. What’s more, August and June ranked second and third, each with over 3,000 fatal accidents. Here are a handful of reasons why summer often trumps winter in the danger department.

More teens on the road

When school’s out, more teen drivers hit the roads. Sadly, more teen drivers on the road can mean more danger for the rest of us. The unavoidable lack of experience (we’ve all been there) can lead to questionable judgment that can increase the risk of an accident. And data shows that teens are more likely to be involved in accidents than other age groups.

Drivers on vacation add to road congestion

We all have our favorite summer destinations, and suffering through traffic jams is the price we gladly pay for getting there. Congested roads make for harder driving conditions and the potential for road rage, so plan ahead. (And watch out for those impatient drivers who might cut you off.)

Vacation drivers are unfamiliar with the roads, which can lead to erratic or unpredictable driving (especially when there’s something cool to look at). And because they’re unfamiliar, they may drive too slowly.

Tire blowouts

Summer can do a number on your tires. As AAA explains, hot weather causes the air inside your tires to expand, which can lead to a blowout in well-worn wheels. Check your tires on a regular basis during the summer months, especially during heat waves.


Summertime is a popular time for road construction. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that fatalities in construction and maintenance work zones averaged 669 from 2007 through 2012. Always be a little extra cautious when you drive around construction zones.

More bicycles and motorcycles on the road

Many cyclists and bikers take advantage of the warm weather to enjoy the open road, which makes sharing the road a priority.

Driving alongside cyclists can make traffic maneuvers, from turning right to parallel parking, more dangerous. The IIHS reports that 722 cyclists were involved in fatal accidents with motor vehicles in 2012 alone.

Sun and excess heat

The scorching summer sun can dehydrate you on long drives, so keep a bottle of water handy.

And of course, the chance of your engine overheating increases, especially if you have to rely on your air conditioner to keep yourself from overheating. If your engine overheats, pull over to let it cool down.

And as the summer rolls on, the danger increases! A Scientific American journal article states:

It turns out that the number of fatal car crashes peak in the summer months of July and August, according to a 2005 report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). What’s more, July 3rd and 4th have consistently topped the list of the four deadliest days of the year to be on the road. NHTSA reports that Fourth of July crashes are frequently speeding- or alcohol-related.

How can you ensure that your teen arrives safely this summer, wherever he goes? A great product to try is cell phone monitoring software like Highster Mobile. This powerful mobile application allows you to see all call logs, text messages (even the deleted ones), photos, videos, chat messages and much more. It gives any parent the peace of mind they need to get through the warm weather days with less worry.

So if your teen is working late, heading to the beach for a late night swim, or driving around with his friends, now you can track his movement and intervene if you think he’s headed in the wrong direction. Visit www.highstermobile.com for more information on cell phone intervention to stay safe from Memorial Day, through Fourth of July, and well into the dog days of August.

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