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How Autoforward Works

Autoforward works in a simple three-part process: download, install and monitor. First, you download the software application on to a target mobile phone. Once you purchase Autoforward you will receive a confirmation email containing a unique license key. Next, you install that license key which is exclusive to the user. Finally, you can access the data from the target phone on your own mobile phone, tablet or computer.

What can you view? Text messages, photos, videos, call logs, website search history, and so much more. And Autoforward is compatible with all Android and Apple devices. If you’re looking to track a cell phone without having access to it, rest assured that the person monitoring will only need access to the target phone for three to five minutes.

A recent dazeinfo.com report predicts 2 billion smartphone users by 2015 and 83% of internet usage will come from cell phones worldwide. With everyone plugged in, security is as vital in a household of four and as it is at large corporations.

If you need to monitor a cell phone, now you can get the peace of mind and security you need.


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