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How Can I Find My HTC Phone?

A cell phone owner’s worst nightmare is their phone getting lost or stolen. Your life is on there; photos, texts, videos, emails, and apps. It’s even worse when you realize you didn’t backup the data on your phone. So, what do you do? How can you find your lost or stolen phone? If this has happened to your HTC phones, use Find My Device immediately! 

About Find My Device

To locate your phone, you can use the Google Find My Device settings. However, it only works if the setting has already been activated on your phone, it’s connected to the internet, logged into your Google account, and the location services are turned on. 

*Note: Many methods of locating a cell phone require activation or installation prior to the phone being lost or stolen.

To Get To Find My Device:

With this method, you will be able to:

    • Play a sound to make your phone ring in case you’ve only misplaced it. 
    • Lock your device from being opened. 
    • Erase your phone data remotely. A factory reset to remove your phone’s data including personal information, apps, settings, and more will be conducted. 

What To Do Before Your HTC Phone Is Lost or Stolen

Make Sure Find My Device Is Activated

First and foremost, make sure Find My Device is activated on your HTC phone and you are signed into a Google account on it. So, the next time your phone is missing, you will know it’s already activated instead of questioning yourself. 

Use Google Family Link 

Google Family Link is a free method you can use to track your own or your family’s HTC cell phones. Using the app, you’ll not only be able to see a phone’s real-time location, but also monitor app use and screen time as well. 

Get A GPS Tracking App

Besides Google Family Link, you could opt for a more advanced GPS phone tracking app. Oftentimes, these apps not only track GPS location, but also app use, texts, emails, photos, videos, and more. All of the data is stored on a secure and private online account. So basically, it doubles as a way to backup your phone’s data. 

Backup Your Phone’s Data Weekly

On HTC devices, users can use the HTC Backup app to copy and move files and data to the cloud for safe keeping (available on Android 5 or higher). If you would like to sync your phone’s data to your computer, use the HTC Sync Manager to do so.  

Enable Smart Lock  

Smart lock allows HTC users to require facial or voice recognition to open the phone. By enabling this, it will make it very difficult for anyone to open your phone without permission. To enable, just go to Settings → Security → Smart Lock

Set A SIM Pin 

Some HTC cell phones allow users to create a PIN code for their SIM card to prevent anyone accessing their phone’s data unwarranted. To learn how to do this for your specific HTC device, click here

Those are the various ways to find your HTC phone and other preventative measures you can take. When possible, do what you can to protect your phone before it ends up lost or stolen. 

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