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How Do I Spy On Text Messages On iPhone Effectively?

There always comes a time when a parent needs to monitor their kid’s phone and spy on text messages with just a phone number. There are dangers that they need to keep their kids from and their children may know little of those dangers. Parents also need to keep an eye out for inappropriate texts that their kids’ phones may receive or send.

Also, business owners may want to monitor their employees’ activities and texts while they are on their company iPhones. They likely will want to prevent business secrets from being given to competitors. This information may be inadvertently or deliberately leaked out by their employees, and the company won’t know when or where the leak came from if they have not implemented monitoring practices.

Technology To The Rescue!

With the advent of mobile phones and the internet, connectivity has soared to an all-time high. With this, such dangers like cyber-bullying, stalkers, predators and saboteurs have increased as well. Luckily, technology has also provided parents and business owners with the weapon they need to monitor text messages on an iPhone. The iPhone is the most popular mobile device in the United States. There are a lot of ways that you can monitor text messages being sent from and received by an iPhone. Here are three of the most common and easiest ways to track and observe an iPhone user’s text activities.

Using The Phones Apple ID To Access Messages

This is one of the most effective and safest ways for a person to monitor text activities on an iPhone. You should understand that it is the nature of iOS to make installing unauthorized monitoring apps very difficult without jailbreaking or rooting the phone. There are powerful monitoring apps like Highster Mobile and Auto Forward that can be installed on the iPhone without it being rooted or jailbroken. But if you want to access the messages without an app, you can try using the phone’s Apple ID. Here’s how to do it.

– The Process

The first thing that you need to do is get the Apple ID or the iCloud ID of the phone that needs to be monitored. If it is a company phone or a child’s phone, it should be pretty simple to get a hold of it. But you first need to make the other person aware that the phone’s text messages are going to be monitored before you get the ID and access the phone physically.

Go to the Settings tab, and log in to the iCloud using the ID and password. Sometimes the process will ask for the devices to be merged, in which case just go ahead and accept. Once the phones have been merged, proceed with selecting the features that need to be monitored, such as the text message app.

There are other apps that you can monitor using this method, like the location, and emails. So if you want to monitor the messages on the target iPhone, go to Settings  – Messages and then enable iMessage. Once you have selected enable, the system will again ask you for the Apple ID and password of the target iPhone.

Proceed then to sign in then wait for the phone to log itself in. This is then where you start monitoring the messaging app on the iPhone. Why do you need to do this, though? There is this one very important reason. You don’t need to jailbreak or root the phone, which has a good chance to break the iPhone. 

Using An iPhone Recovery Stick

The iPhone recovery stick is quite effective since it allows you to access the phone’s web history, images, contacts, call logs, and text messages, even if they are deleted. This is a prime tool for parents and business owners since there might be something that can warn them against any misbehavior on the part of the phone user.

– How it Works

The process can be quite tedious for you. First, you will need to connect the iPhone to a computer running Windows 2000 or 2003, Vistas or XP as its OS. And then, plug in the recovery stick on the USB port in the same computer. The recovery time can range from 10-15 minutes, maybe more, depending on the amount of data that it needs to recover. What you need to understand, though, is that all this depends on the amount of available space on the phone and the new data that has been written on it, since these are the spaces that the mechanism of the stick will scan.

– What Are The Cons?

There are quite a few disadvantages, the most glaring one being it has to connect to a computer running older Windows versions. Another is that it is a physical tool and physical tools can be broken easily. But if you need a sure way to recover lost data and text messages from an iPhone, this is one of the best ways.

Using A Monitoring App

You should not use just any app. There are powerful apps out there that can be installed on an iPhone without a jailbreak or a root procedure. Apps like Highster Mobile and Auto Forward can be installed on an iPhone any time since they are supported by iOS. They also have the best features on any monitoring app, including the ability to access an iPhone’s sent and received text messages. Yes, even deleted ones. You can also monitor emails, social media apps, and web history from the target phone. Plus, you can locate the phone anytime using the apps. The best part is, you can access these phones even without them being in your hand.

Safety and security are paramount concerns, whether a person needs to secure their children or company. There are dangers and saboteurs out there that can do serious damage and you need to have the best tools to keep them away. And these are Auto Forward, Highster Mobile, and other top monitoring apps in the market. Visit our website https://safeguarde.com/ right now to learn more about them!