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How Experts Stand On Text Message Spy Apps: Should You Use It On Your Child?

How Experts Stand On Text Message Spy Apps: Should You Use It On Your Child?

If you know how to spy text message on iPhone and Android devices, chances are you are a parent trying to protect your children from the many evils that today’s technology brings. Yes, parents are known to be the top users of cell phone monitoring apps, like Highster Mobile and Auto Forward, which allows them to check on text messages. 

And yes, the digital age, the product of advanced technology, does have a lot of negative effects, especially on children. Mobile devices and the internet are taking over the world of teens and even of younger children. And the effects on their mental and emotional health can be devastating.

However, while most parents know there are a lot of negative things that digital devices and the internet pose to children, only a few of them actually know the extent of such dangers.

Text Messaging Dangers Kids Face Today

    1. Sexual predators. These criminals are usually on the prowl for their next victims on social media, which oftentimes extend to text messages, calls and, ultimately, meeting in person. They hide behind the guise of young children or teenagers and look for gullible, trusting kids that they will befriend. The more innocent and somewhat troubled the child is, the more they are likely to be victims of sexual predators. These children seek the acceptance and friendship of others, which is why it is easy to make them fall for the antics of predators. And if parents are not able to check their children’s messages and social media activity, then their child is at risk of being abused.
    2. Cyberbullies. If there are bullies in school, they also abound in the digital world. And in this alternate space, they are wilder, cause more damage, and are harder to control. They are even known to push people, especially children, to the point of suicide. And since kids can be secretive or fear being blamed, it is a challenge to know whether they are being bullies or are being bullied. Therefore, monitoring their life online is crucial.
    3. Mental and social problems. As mentioned above, kids can be secretive. They can hide even the most serious problems they suffer from. Because of these, they can fall into depression and the repercussions are alarming. If your instincts tell you that something is wrong, check on your children through their smartphones and you might just find something that will help.
    4. Health problems. Everyone knows how addicting gadgets are. Unfortunately, excessive use of technology puts people’s health at risk. If parents can check on children’s cell phone use, they will be able to know how long kids are on their gadgets. Thus, they can help prevent addiction from happening, as well as its harmful health effects.
    5. Other cyber criminals. Aside from predators and cyberbullies, child traffickers, scammers, and dangerous people are also present online. And they don’t choose their victims. If you don’t want your loved one to suffer from their hands, monitoring their online activities, as well as their GPS location, must be done.

And with these dangers and more, what is the best way for parents to keep their children safe and secure while still enjoying the comforts and enjoyment that technology provides?

The answer lies on cell phone spy apps. The top monitoring apps for mobile devices, Auto Forward and Highster Mobile, allow parents to remotely check on their phone and online activities to make sure nothing dangerous can get close to kids while they are on their devices. 

Unfortunately, not all agree with this solution. This is because monitoring children’s cell phone use brings about privacy and trust issues, which can destroy the relationship of parents and their children. Plus, it can spark the onset of rebellious behavior, especially when children are in their teenage years. 

But when it comes to experts’ opinions, where do they stand? Do cell phone spy software really help parents keep their children safe from digital dangers?

What The Experts Had To Say

    • Experts believe that the drawbacks of cell phone monitoring are the least of parents’ worries. The dangers of online activities that children engage in on their mobile devices should alarm parents more. Thus, most of them recommend the use of  monitoring apps as a part of their parenting ways.
    • Psychologists and educators warn parents of the serious effect of banning mobile devices from their children. This is why they are against the act of taking away children’s gadgets as a form of punishment or if they see potentially dangerous situations that their children do on their devices. Instead of removing these tools from kids, proper monitoring using spy apps is the better approach.
    • Tech experts and more also cite the great advantage of remote monitoring that spy apps bring. Because these software programs allow parents to randomly check on their kids even while they are away, they can make sure the young ones are safe when they are at work or doing errands. Multitasking is very much achievable through these helpful tools.

From an experts’ point of view, we can easily understand how the use of cell phone spy apps like Auto Forward and Highster Mobile is beneficial. Its advantages clearly outweigh the disadvantages.

But of course, you will want to avoid the negative consequences. Thankfully, it can be done.

If you want your children to agree with your parenting strategy, educate them on the dangers they are facing when they use their smartphones. Let them know you will only do random checks, or track them when your instincts are telling you to. Earn their trust by giving them the freedom and privacy they seek, while only screening suspicious messages and checking doubtful activity.

Through these efforts, both you and your children enjoy the benefits of technology and of cell phone spy apps.

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