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How Good is Auto Forward as a Mobile Spying Program?

auto_forward.jpgToday’s generation of parents often look for a mobile spying program to keep track of their children’s mobile usage habits. I am also aware of many business owners that want a robust spying application to control inappropriate use of official mobile phones. You will certainly benefit from going through Auto Forward spy reviews if you happen to belong to any of these two categories. In this review, I will share my personal experiences while using this popular spying application.

Out of an endless number of mobile spying programs available in today’s market, Auto Forward has now emerged as one of the most sought after alternatives. The rapidly growing popularity of the product created an interest in me to verify whether the program as good as many people say.

Main Features:

When I started reviewing the Auto Forward cell phone spying software, the first thing I noticed is that it has all standard features such as call recording, call tracking, message tracking, email tracking, GPS tracking, web usage tracking, etc. Also, this application functions efficiently with Blackberry, Android, and all versions of iOS. To be very honest, these features can be found in many similar programs available in the market. However, it would certainly be an understatement to compare Auto Forward with any other program because it has much more to offer in addition to these standard features.

Why use Auto Forward?    

After using Auto Forward for a few days, I gradually started becoming its fan. Out of all its features, I was really impressed by its capability to retrieve my old text messages that were lost or deleted long back. This feature makes Auto Forward a special application because many similar programs do not have this capability. I was also happy about the fact that this program can function without installing any software in the target device. All I had to do in order to get started was to enter the target phone number in my own mobile phone. This feature is extremely useful for users that are looking for a spying program for covert and remote monitoring of mobile devices. In spite of its functional brilliance, Auto Forward is available for a one-time price of $69.99 without any add-on charges.

Based on my experience as a user, I would also recommend Auto Forward for people that are not technically sound. I am aware of many programs that can test the technical knowledge of users. Unlike any of them, Auto Forward has been designed to deliver a high level of user experience to all.


Let me sum up this review by saying that I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Auto Forward to anyone looking for a mobile tracking application that is simple, affordable, and efficient. To start enjoying the benefits of this excellent spying application, please visit http://auto-forward.com

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