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How I Found Out About My Husband’s Criminal Past Online

When I met my husband, he was the best man ever. He was a law abiding citizen and a very honest person as well. I trusted him entirely. We have two great children and I could not have chosen a better father for them.

I had heard about other women checking their husband’s background either before or after they got married. However, I never thought of doing the same thing to my husband because I did not think that he had any criminal record and in case he did, I was sure that he would have told me about it before we got married. I therefore, dismissed the idea of searching about his past. I also dreaded the idea of him finding out that I was snooping around his past. The last thing I wanted was a fight about mistrust that I initiated and I was sure that he would never have forgiven me.


Life went on well and the idea of background checks had long vanished from my mind until one day when he came home very late, which was unusual of him. I had called him several times but he did not pick nor return my calls. I got very worried but because I trusted him, I went to bed with the hope that everything was okay. However, I did not get to sleep and I heard him come in. He went straight to the bathroom to take a shower and I immediately sensed that something was wrong. His clothes were full of blood and his briefcase had a gun inside. This was very shocking to me. He convinced me that he was a victim of a mugging gone wrong, and I let it go, albeit reluctantly after he told me that he had reported the incident to the police. However, the following day, I remembered the idea of running a free online criminal background check on him.

The next day, after asking a friend about how to go about finding criminal records, I decided to search him online using a reverse cell phone number lookup. It did not take long and boy! Did I get a lot of information about his past. It turned out that he had been convicted of assault when he was in his early twenties and much later, he had been charged with drug trafficking. The charges were later dropped for lack of evidence. I could not believe what I was finding out.


Troubled couple December 2001

He had been in prison several times on short stints. Seemed the Feds could never pin anything hard on him, but that did not make things any better for me. There is dealing with a criminal and then there is dealing with a smart criminal! This was almost 20 years back. I had heard of people getting information about others for as long as 30-50 years back but I had never believed it until this day. The information was very precise and the court cases’ details were also available. I went through each and every detail and I could not believe that he had hidden so much from. I would never have imagined that the man I had spent almost 10 years with could have had a criminal background.

Today, I have realized only too well how important it is to conduct such searches on the people around you. It is not only for the people in business who should know who they work with, but wives should also know their husbands’ past and vice versa. Love is blind, but by the time it regains sight, it could be too late. Know the person that you are settling down with. Just use the public records search engine and you will not be disappointed.

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