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How I Met My Biological Father After 57 Years Using Public Records Search Engine


If there is something I value so much is the truth. It has the power to ensure I am alright psychologically. Having been brought up by a single parent, my mom, I always had questions about who my real father was. So, I decided to conduct my own research to find. I had to link bits of information I had gotten from people to arrive at the answer to my questions. This is where the public records search engine and people search background check came in handy to help me out. Through it, I got a lot of valuable information that ensured I found my biological father after 57 good years.

57 years is a long time, and I wasn’t even sure that he was alive since he left before I was born. However, this burning curiosity could not let me rest easy. I decided that I was going to know him, find out more information about him, know what he was like and if was still alive, then I would make an effort to meet him, or to at least see him even if only from a distance.

I identified a good public records search engine, since most personal data, except financial, health and other sensitive data is kept in the public domain.



Here are the few steps that I went through to find information about my father:

  1. Birth records

With the name of my father in mind, I got to know when he was born. Since I was not sure whether he was alive or dead, I had to gather courage to check the death records. At least, he was alive. However, this search was not enough; I had to figure out more about my dad.

  1. Marriage and divorce records

I had to know whether my dad was married to my mother. Using the public records search engine and background check, I found out that they were married which made me sigh with relief. However, I had to know whether they were divorced or not. I mean, my mother never talked about them divorcing. Since I was curious, I checked the divorce records. Too bad for me, they were divorced for some reason. The search went on to find more links about my dad.


Father and daughter playing

  1. Employees directories

I had heard of a company where my dad was supposedly working. And I had the address too. So I used the search engine to find out whether my dad actually worked for that firm by any chance. I was lucky enough to find that what I knew about my dad’s work place was true. I even went to the offices using the address, I got online, to confirm his presence at the company.

  1. Crime and crime data

I understand that no one ever wishes his or her father to have a criminal record. However, I just had to find out whether my dad had one because again, things had been said about him that I did not like. So, using the search engine I chose online, I confirmed what people were saying.  However, I did not feel terrible about my dad,I actually dug dipper to find out who he was.

  1. GIS and mapping

I had an idea about where my dad lived. With the address, I used the mapping portal on the search engine and a free phone number lookup by name to locate my dad’s place. I went there in person, asked around and found that my dad lived in that area. I did not get in immediately. It is not that easy. I had to make calls and later we met. I was lucky to find a dad who accepted me as the daughter that he left long ago. As he said, he wasn’t sure he had a daughter because my mom never told him. Apparently, he must have left when my mom was a few weeks pregnant.  It was the happiest day of my life.

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