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How To Block A Number On An iPhone

how to block a number on iphone

iOS devices are well-known for their built-in safety nets and pre-programmed security features. In fact, Apple has taken the extra mile of developing and utilizing its own operating system, application store, and cloud storage to gain control and authority, enabling them to mitigate risks. All these are proof of their good faith and unhinged commitment to providing a positive and satisfying experience. 

Nevertheless, iPhones aren’t exempted from restricted calls, phishing attacks, spam/scam targeting, social engineering, and other cyber threats. Malicious callers, for instance, won’t go about filtering their target lists and skipping iPhone users just because of Apple’s stringent security protocols in place. Hence, several iOS device users could still be susceptible to such attacks or hassles. One excellent way of preventing unwanted calls is by blocking and/or reporting the phone numbers or caller IDs. To further assist you on this, here are some ways on how to block a number on an iPhone.


4 Ways To Block A Phone Number On iPhone

Nonstop calls and messages from unknown numbers could get frustrating and exhausting. The same is true for callers you personally know but aren’t looking forward to having conversations with. Whatever your reasons may be, you have the right to manage which contacts reach you directly and anytime.

Good thing, blocking contacts on your iPhone has been made quick and easy. Here are 4 efficient ways on how to block a phone number on iPhone.

  • Via the Phone App

From the Phone app, go to the Contacts, Favorites, Recents, or Voicemail section. Browse through and locate the specific number you wish to block then tap on the Info button (i) next to it. Click on Block this Caller then Block Contact.

  • Via the FaceTime App

From the FaceTime app, locate the contact you want to block then tap on the Info button (i) next to it. Click on the Block this Caller button located at the bottom of the page and confirm your selection.

  • Via the Messages App

From the Messages app, open the conversation you have with the contact you wish to block. The contact information (phone number or caller ID) should be visible at the top of the conversation, click on that then tap on the Info button (i) > Block this Caller > Block Contact.

  • Via the Mail App

From the Mail app, open the email thread you have with the contact you want to block. Click on the contact information at the top then select Block this Contact. Note that this only blocks contacts from Apple’s Mail and won’t prevent them from contacting you on third-party email providers like Outlook or Gmail.

Note that blocked contacts or phone numbers are capable of leaving a voicemail but sent or received messages won’t be delivered. You won’t be notified of any contact attempt and they won’t be alerted their calls or messages are being blocked.


Why Block A Phone Number? 

blocked number on iphone

Now that you’re privy to the most efficient ways on how to block a number in your iOS device, what’s in it for you? How would a blocked number on iPhone benefit you? Why might you need to block or even report a caller ID?

By blocking someone, you’re cutting the connection between the two of you. This goes for blocking phone numbers, blocking social media accounts, and blocking email addresses. Of course, there could be varying triggers and root causes why you might want to block someone. In most cases, however, it all boils down to prevention, and here are some of those.

  • Prevent Your Time from Being Wasted

Most calls from unknown or unregistered numbers are people from the corporate world – from marketing strategists to consumer surveyors to business cold callers. There are also prank callers, trolls, and spammers. Regardless, these people are more likely to just waste your time. Hence, blocking such numbers could significantly save you especially when working on a tight timeline or barely managing a hectic schedule.

  • Prevent Your Device from Getting Compromised

Malicious actors don’t run out of creative ideas on penetrating devices or networks and acquiring data to exploit or files to steal. And yes, phone calls can possibly be utilized to hack and compromise your device. Hence, blocking unknown numbers altogether could steer you away from threats, dangers, and compromises.

  • Prevent Cybercriminals from Targeting You

Most restricted calls – or those calls are designed to not show caller IDs and numbers when you receive them – are initiated by hackers or scammers. This is their way of masking their true identities and real intentions. By blocking numbers you’re unfamiliar with or with suspicious digits, you’re preventing phishers, scammers, hackers, and other predators from targeting you.

  • Prevent Certain People from Reaching You

Blocking isn’t limited to unknown or suspicious numbers. There are phone numbers you know the owner of and are the same reason why you want to block them. These could be ex-lovers, toxic family members, or colleagues you simply don’t feel like talking to. 


How To Block Caller ID on iPhone

In the same way there are various reasons why you might want to block certain numbers or contacts, there could also be several valid reasons for hiding your caller ID when you’re the one initiating the call. 

Here are two ways on how to block caller ID on iPhone – depending on whether you wish to permanently block your caller ID for all calls or to temporarily hide your caller ID for individual or specific calls. 

For All Calls

  1. Open the Phone or Voice app.
  2. Go to the Calls section.
  3. Locate the Anonymous Caller ID option.
  4. Toggle On the button beside it.


For Individual Calls

  1. Open the Phone or Voice app.
  2. Go to the Calls section.
  3. Enter *67 before the number you wish to call (for US voice numbers).
  4. Dial or initiate the call.

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