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How To Check IMEI Number On Android and iPhone

Every cell phone has an IMEI number. If you don’t know what an IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is, it’s a unique 15 digit number that helps identify a specific mobile device. No two cell phones will have the same number. So, how can you find out your cell phone’s IMEI number? Continue to learn how to check IMEI number on iPhone and Android.

How To Check IMEI Number On iPhone:

    • Open Your iPhone Settings.
    • Tap on General About.
    • Go Down To IMEI (also might say MEID), and Record Your Phone’s Specific Number.

How To Check IMEI Number On Android:

    • Go To Your Android Phone’s Settings.
    • Click On About Phone.
    • Scroll Until You Find IMEI or MEID, and Copy The Number Down.

Other IMEI Checking Methods:

– Find The Number On The Physical Phone

Often times, the phone’s IMEI number will be written somewhere on the physical device. For iPhones, it’s likely to be written on the back of the phone. For Android devices, it’s usually written in the phone’s battery compartment. However, the location of an IMEI number does differ depending on your cell phone type and manufacturer.

– Dial *#06# (Doesn’t Work On Verizon Phones)

From your phone’s dial pad, just enter *#06# and press the call button. Your IMEI number should then pop-up on the screen. You can record it by writing it down or taking a phone screenshot.

– Use An IMEI Checker App

You can easily download an IMEI Checker App to not only find your number, but locate your lost phone. You can easily utilize these types of apps to notify you of your phone’s real-time GPS location.

– Go To Your Mobile Carrier

If none of the above methods are working for you, take a visit to your cell phone carrier. They can help you find your smartphone’s specific IMEI number.

I Don’t Have An IMEI Number…

It’s true that not all mobile cell phones have an IMEI number. Some will have an MEID number, which is pretty much the same as an IMEI number with some slight differences. An MEID number is 14 digits long, and can be found using all of the methods listed previously.

You Can Locate Your Phone Using The IMEI Number

It’s important that every cell phone owner know their cell phone IMEI number. In the event you need to locate your lost or stolen cell phone, you can use your specific IMEI to track it down. You can utilize an IMEI Tracker App to notify you of your phone’s GPS location, and in some cases, remotely sound off an alarm from your mobile device.


That’s how to check IMEI number on both iPhone and Android smartphones. As you can tell from reading this article, it’s really simple to locate it on your cell phone. Knowing your IMEI is essential in finding your mobile phone if it’s ever stolen or lost.

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