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How To Check Web Browser History and Spy On Text Messages

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People spend a lot of time online. A LOT. And unfortunately, with easy access to the Internet on all devices, the World Wide Web can be a distraction to many employees. Playing games, chatting with friends, doing a little online shopping and looking up mindless information are just a few ways employees waste quality work time. Checking the web activity of an employee may reveal they are looking for a job elsewhere, that they are in communication with competitors, or that the drop in productivity is directly linked to how often they check their Facebook accounts, order gym equipment online or how often they “like” a photo of their friends on Instagram. All of this is very useful when determining what type of person is beneficial for your company, and those who aren’t.


Spy on Text Messages With Utility Apps


spy text messagesUtility programs like Norton Utilities have been around for a long time and are a great resource for digging around and optimizing a PC. But over the past few months these apps are becoming very popular and very effective at digging around and uncovering information in cell phones. I came across one such app called DDI Utilities.

Without having the phone in your possession, DDI Utilities will give you unrestricted access to not only text messages, but virtually everything that occurs on a cell phone. DDI can easily recover calls, GPS location, social media posts and messages, photos, videos and much more.

I was able to find a demo of the program that shows exactly how it works. You won’t believe it! Take a look.



Unfaithful spouses have the world at their fingertips when it comes to the virtual world, and can use a number of questionable websites to encourage their inappropriate behavior. Teens can easily get to websites that promote sex, drugs, and violence. The web is a black hole of entertainment and information, but too much of a good thing can be bad. That is why concerned parents, spouses and employees download software like Auto Forward, to not only spy on text messages, but have access to the target phone’s entire browsing history.

The “smart” ones will delete their browser history and cookies, which, before Auto Forward, was a pretty foolproof way to hide any evidence of online activity. However, Auto Forward can retrieve the web history even if they have been deleted. If the user of the target phone is deleting their browser history, they know that what they are doing is not acceptable or appropriate, and can send a major red flag to parents, employers and spouses.

Not only are you able to see the list of websites that have been access on the target phone, you can also see how many times that particular site has been visited. You can also see the site’s specific URL and a snapshot of the website, to keep and save for your records.

Can’t remember that amazing hotel your partner pulled up on the computer last night? Trying to help a child find that website they were using for their science project? There are all more great reasons to have easy access to the target phone’s web history. Whether you choose to tell the user of the target phone that they are being monitored or not, the software runs completely undetected and is invisible to the user. People are there most authentic selves when they don’t think anyone is watching, so monitoring their screen time without their knowledge just may give you a look into who they really are, how the use (or abuse) the privilege of a cell phone, and if they can be trusted.

Being able to spy on text messages, check browser history, view contact lists and check the GPS are all very helpful features that can help people know a little bit more about the people they trust their business to, to those they trust their hearts to, and to those they trust their lives to.