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How To Delete Apps On iPhone

remove iphone applications

Every iPhone user needs to know how to delete apps on an iPhone. This is one of the simplest things you need to know as a device user. Whether you’re freeing up space on your iPhone iPad device or need to offload unused apps, it’s essential to know how to delete apps. 

If you’re a new iOS user, deleting apps from your home screen is important. You also need to know how to remove an app from an iPhone temporarily. This is because iPhone devices don’t typically come with large memory space. And since there is no option to expand your iPhone storage capacity, the only thing you can do is to remove apps you don’t utilize. 

The catch is to make sure you are deleting apps on an iPhone properly instead of simply removing them from the home screen. Otherwise, the app will still be stored in your iPhone and take up storage space. 


How To Delete the App From Your Home Screen

It is simple to know how to delete downloaded apps on an iPhone from the home screen. 

  • Press and hold down on the app icon until the icons on the home screen start shaking. 
  • On the top left corner of the app, press and hold the X symbol until you see the option to delete the app. 
  • You will be prompted to Tap Delete to confirm the app can be uninstalled from your iPhone. 

The problem with this deletion process is it doesn’t complete the job. You only remove an app from the home screen instead of freeing space on the device. The app will still be in your Apple account. And if you update or sync the iPhone, you’ll find the app will unintentionally be added back to your phone. 

Next, we will tell you how to permanently delete apps on an iPhone through your App Store account. 


How To Delete an App From the App Library

How To Uninstall Apps on iPhone

Apple’s iOS 14 update introduced the App Library to iPhone users. This is a folder where apps are stored and automatically sorted into categories. If you wish to know how to remove apps from an iPhone running on iOS 14, you will have to access the App Library since it is automatically added there. And you can follow the same deletion process on how to delete open apps on iPhone in this section. 

To verify if the app has successfully been removed from your iPhone, check if it is still in your App Library. 


How To Uninstall iPhone Apps on Different Devices

Apple’s continuous updates to its operating system also bring changes to the process of iPhone uninstall applications. Here are tips on how to uninstall apps on iPhone models running iOS 13 and iOS 14 OS versions.

iOS 13 and Older

If you are using an iPhone device running an iOS 13 or older system, follow these steps on uninstalling iPhone app from your device:

  1. Look for the app to be deleted on the Home Screen. 
  2. Long-press the app icon down with your finger until a menu appears. 
  3. Tap on the option “Rearrange Apps.”
  4. The app icons will start shaking and a small X icon will appear on top of each app you can delete. 
  5. Tap on the X icon on the apps you wish to delete from the iPhone.
  6. You will be asked to confirm whether you want to delete the app in a new menu. Tap Delete to confirm it. 

This same process on how to delete uninstalled apps applies to iPhones running older iOS versions. 

iOS 14 devices

With the new iOS version, Apple has simplified the process of uninstalling apps. On your Home Screen, do the following steps:

  1. Look for the app to be deleted. 
  2. Long-press the app icon down with your finger until a pop-up menu appears. 
  3. You then need to choose “Remove App” on the popup menu. 
  4. Tap “Delete App” on the next pop-up and again, choose “Delete” a second time. 

If you accidentally delete an app, you will need to re-download it from the App Store. 


How To Hide Apps on an iPhone

Apple has introduced the option to hide apps from the Home Screen and retain its data with the App Library. This way, you can still access the app you hid without losing any of the data stored in the app. 

To hide an app from your Home Screen, here are the steps to take:

  1. Look for the app to be hidden. 
  2. Press and hold down the app icon with your finger. 
  3. The popup will appear, choose “Remove App.”
  4. A second pop-up will appear and let you choose to hide the app. Choose “Remove from Home Screen.” 

This process will hide the app from your Home Screen and move it to your App Library. If you wish to access the app once again, simply go to your App Library by swiping to the right-most page on your Home Screen. Then, utilize the search bar on top to look for the app or browse through the automatically generated categories to look for the app.

App Library is only available on devices running iOS 14.


How To Offload an App on an iPhone

Another way to remove iPhone applications temporarily is to offload them. When you offload an app, you are removing the iPhone app from your device and its data gets archived. It does not fully delete the app but instead uninstalls the app from your iPhone. If you wish to reinstall the app, you can pick up where you left off.

To offload an app from your iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage
  2. Look for the app you wish to offload from the list of apps
  3. Tap “Offload App”
  4. Confirm the action by tapping “Offload App.”

You can also automatically offload any apps you don’t utilize when your iPhone’s storage is running low. Do this by going to the iPhone Storage page and tapping on the “Enable” button next to “Offload Unused Apps.”

Are you also curious to know how to delete default apps on iPhone? Not many people enjoy having built-in iOS apps. People rarely use these apps on their phones. But because they take up memory space, they can be a nuisance to have on your iPhone. The question though is whether these apps can be deleted or not. 

Some pre-installed apps can be removed, others can’t. To know for sure, long-press one of these apps and see if it starts to shake. If there is no cross on the top left-hand corner of the icon, then that means the app cannot be deleted. Some of the built-in apps cannot be removed include Compass or Contacts. 

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