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how to find someone on facebook

How To Find Someone On Facebook

Facebook is a great tool for connecting with people. With over 2.38 billion monthly active users, almost everyone has a Facebook account. But with that many user accounts, it can make a Facebook Search a really tedious and lengthy task. Have no fear, we break down how to find someone on Facebook to make your search efforts as smooth and simple as possible.  

Reasons to Find Someone On Facebook

Online Dating

You may have just matched with someone on an online dating app and really be hitting it off. To see if they are married or already in a relationship you may want to check out their Facebook account. Or to see if they really are as perfect as they sound check out their timeline.

Cheating Partner

You may be suspicious that your partner is having an affair. Finding out if they have a secret Facebook account they are using to keep their extramarital activities hidden could help you expose the truth. Are they liking someone’s posts a little bit too much and showing someone a little too much love and attention?

Reconnect with High School Friends

Do you have a reunion coming up for High School or College and want to see what your friends are up to? Their name may have changed because they are married now or they may be using an alias because of their profession.

Children and Teens Profiles

As a parent you want to make sure your children are safe at all times. And that includes their social media activity. Many children aren’t friends on Facebook with their parents. Finding their Facebook profile can give you access to their world and let you know if they are a victim of cyberbullying or if they are hanging out with the right group of friends.   

How To Find Someone On Facebook

The first thing you should do is go to the search bar on Facebook and type in the person’s full name. If they do not show up in the search results it does not mean they do not have a Facebook account. Some people like to protect their identity on Facebook and do not use their full name. So you will need to get savvy with your Facebook search.

1.  Search Mutual Friends

If you believe that you and this person have any mutual friends, try and locate their Facebook account and go through their Friend List. If you see a profile picture of the person you are looking for with a different name, then you have successfully located them. Send them a friend request to see their full profile.  

2.  Find Friends By Email

If you know the email address of the person you are searching for you can enter that into the Facebook Search. If they signed up for Facebook using their email address their profile will show up in your search.

3.  Find Friends By Phone Number

If you know the phone number of the person you are looking for you can search for them that way. If they log into Facebook using their phone number their profile will come up in the search.

4. Search for Classmates

Search for former classmates on Facebook. You can either simply browse through a graduation year or you can type in a specific name to get more narrowed results. You’ll also be given people from your alma mater if you include it in your own Facebook profile.

Pro Tip:

Make sure you are filtering your search results. By default, when you search for someone on Facebook, you will get all the results on one page: people, pages, groups, events, networks, etc. So be sure to filter by people to just see profiles associated with the name you are searching.  

People Search

If your Facebook Search efforts have turned out unsuccessful then it’s time to take things a step further and run a People Search with Kiwi Searches. A People Search is a tool that enables you to search through all available public records of a person in just minutes. You will be provided with contact information including phone numbers, addresses, alias and more. So you will know with certainty that you have located the right person.  

Best of all Kiwi Searches connects you to their Social Media pages. They take away the lengthy process of searching through pages and pages of results. Hoping to stumble across the right profile. Even if the profile is set to private, Kiwi can still locate the account for you.

Many people go into stealth mode using Facebook to avoid being found by their employer or their spouse or even their parents. You could spend hours upon hours searching for someone and come up empty or you could let Kiwi Searches do all the work and give you the results in a matter of minutes. Finding people on Facebook has never been so easy.

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